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"Just say the word!" for photos you'll cherish forever, or a one of a kind website... Make sure to "Follow" our page for additional access to Photo Albums.
"Just say the word!" for photos you'll cherish forever, or a one of a kind website... Make sure to "Follow" our page for additional access to Photo Albums.

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We'd love to see our logo as a cookie #makemycookie
Merry Christmas!

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Sunset at The Erie County Fair
Took the family to the 175th Erie County Fair in Hamburg, NY last night.  I grew up there and have not been back to the fair in years.  It was a great time.  My 5 year old wanted to play every game they had!  After winning a couple prizes he decided it wasn't fair that his little brother (1 yr old) didn't have any prizes so he won one for him!
Taken with LG G2 edited on Google+
#eriecountyfair   #fair   #carnival   #sunset  

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A Moment Alone
Once we heard they had a "room with a view" it became clear we needed to do a romantic silhouette shot overlooking the city.

#weddingphotography   #weddingphotographer   #silhouette   #silhouettephotography  

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via +Nico Kaiser
The Jan 16, 2014 Pʜᴏᴛᴏɢʀᴀᴘʜʏ ENGAGERS Cɪʀᴄʟᴇ is here! 
Curated like a boss!

Public:  Just add this circle and enjoy the photos in your stream!
Participants: Do you qualify? Read this >> 

Quick start instructions:
➊  Post a URL link to a recent G+ photo in the comments below 
Click photo links from others and +1, comment, and/or share 
➌  Publicly share this circle-post, from a new friend's stream
➍  *Add this circle*  / replace it every 2 weeks to save your time
➎  *+1 this post* to say thanks to the curator and promote the PEC!

The only required action is that you share a photo from your stream in the last 2 weeks in the comments below.  Sharing this post has other benefits, and is at your discretion!  *The next PEC Circle will come out on Jan 30.*  This edition will be shared again on Jan 23 but you do not need to add a second photo/comment!

The optional Photo of the Week Contest that complements this photo share is here >>

Participation here qualifies you to enter the contest.  Last week's winner was +Ron Clifford, see his photo here  >>

The Biggest Ripple Award goes to >> +José Juan Escudero << with a chain of 27 shares - a record tying RIPPLE-NADO!  Thanks to all those that helped: +Bjarte Wergedahl, +Belinda V., +Miguel Almeida Sharing, +Larry Beekman, +Berit Schurse, +Robin Cohen, +Sergio Miranda, +Dejan Kolar, +Stefan Seidel, +Septimiu Catona, +Ree Saunders, +Hotel Now, +Stefanie Schächtel, +Frank Beer - Fotografie, +Ciara O'Donnell Photography, +Jean-Philippe Jouve, +Frank Niemeyer, +Francisco Esteban, +Dominique Bonnet, +Heiko Köster, +Khalid Mahmood, +Andy Brown, +Pål Børsting, +Georg Srama, and +John Onnen!!  

Average Ripple length for the whole circle = 4.22!  *Great!*   

See the Winners Photo Album >>
for Contest history!  (2013 Album >>

A special thanks to +Alan Shapiro, +Ron Clifford, +Wick Sakit, +Rodney Pike, and +Takahiro Yamamoto     : )   Thank you for visiting & sharing!

#photographycircle   #curatedcontent   #photo_exchange_club  

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The smallest "Stu" in the house!
Photo by +Nicole M. Stuart 

#cuteness   #portrait   #baby  

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Happy Friday!
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