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Added photos to The "One Week In December, 'Selfie' Challenge" 2015.
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Selling my Desire Eye and BoomBass for £170. Any takers. I am too lazy to load eBay right now.

Looking to sell my Desire Eye if anyone is interested. Looking for around 180 or so. Open to offers. Send a hangout if interested.

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Stu Alsford's tells us his views on the Acer Liquid Jade S with his full review cc @AcerUK_Official

[section label=”Introduction”] Introduction Acer is one of the phone manufacturers we don’t tend to see a lot of here in the UK. Sure they have released a number if lower end/budget phones, but it is rare I ever see one when I am out and about. Acer…

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Added photos to The "One Week In December, 'Selfie' Challenge" 2014.
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#OnePlus #InsanityWeek is almost over and it is going out with a bang! For Day 5 we’re giving 72 OnePlus Ones to our wonderful fans. There’s never been a crazier way for you to win one of our 64GB flagship killers.

1. Share this message with the hashtag #OnePlus #InsanityWeek and tag 2 friends
2. Fill the following form:
3. Go insane!

We’ll be announcing a new winner every 20 minutes. Find out what all the hype is about and join the Insanity!

The contest for Day 5 starts now and will close on Saturday, October 18 at 1.00 pm GMT (7.00 am CST). More info about this contest:

Is there really no way to make a community on the Android app?

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Talon for Twitter (Android-L)

Well would ya look at that. Got some nice time the last two days. Redesigned the tweet viewer and the timeline so far... And it is turning out better than I would have ever expected :)

If you would like to try... Installation Instructions:

1.) Be on the Android-L developer preview.

This will not work on older versions of Android! By building the app for Android-L, it automatically puts the minimum version requirements to Android-L. As hard as you may try, you will not be able to install it.

2.) Download the APK from here:

3.) Install on your Android-L device

I am not looking for ANY bug reports, feature requests, or feedback at this point... Just install it and enjoy. More will come in the future, just wanted to give a little taste right now. I know that it is far from perfect, I don't need anyone else to tell me this right now :)

Please also remember that it this is the Android-L "Preview" for a reason, as nice as it is, they still have a ways to go before this thing is production ready. Keep that in mind if you are looking to install the L-Preview on your device.

Also, this does download some pretty high quality pictures and the cache size hasn't been increased yet... So watch your data limits lol

Feel free to comment, +1, reshare, all that jazz 👍

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Amazing review of the #SamsungGalaxyS5  by +Stu Alsford on +Land of Droid 

This is living proof that independent reviews by smaller sites are worth taking a look at.
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