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We're giving away a free module for PrestaShop Shopping Cart.
The default behavior of this shopping cart is to send just a Summary Image Card. Those images are quite small. This module extends the tweet to use Summary Card With Large Image and manages a new image profile for this social share.

Also links you to your Twitter Card Analytics and customize the homepage share image and description.

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How We Protect You From Vulnerable Themes & Modules
We recently had the opportunity to discuss this topic with +Lesley Paone and Michael Dekker.

Both experts in developing PrestaShop modules and Themes. There has been a spat of vulnerable modules and themes circulating in the PrestaShop community. Mainly in the forums free module section. These experts will advise you on what to look for when deciding your theme or module purchase on your live store.

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This WordPress Tips Video For Better Email Transport IN WordPress
WordPress internal mail function doesn't use two VERY necessary email control headers. 1. DKIM Signature 2. SPF Header

Both reduce the chances of your gravity form, woocommerce email ending up in your customer's spam folder.

Plugin Link:
WordPress Hosting -
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Easily backup your WordPress, Prestashop Database using cPanel interface.

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Content Freshness Ranking & eCommerce Type Pages
What should we do? If product's content rarely changes; creates a new EAN-13/UPC or Mfg part with new or updated features, HOW do we keep these pages fresh with Google?

Asking: +John Mueller, +Eric Enge

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Howto Video - Fighting Email Spam With cPanel Tools
by +Denver Prophit Jr. on 01/04/2016
This tutorial uses advanced techniques and four SpamAssassin plugins to filter out 90% or more of unwanted SPAM. It involves a few copy and pastes and using your CRON JOB manager to setup spam training.
#cpanel #email #howto

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cPanel - Advanced Spam Settings to Reduce Spam by 96%
by +Denver Prophit Jr. Time: 01/08/2016

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Next week, we will show you how to reduce your spam email by up to 96% using a few built-in options of cPanel and SpamAssassin open source.

1. Your hosting provider must install this SpamAssassin plugin:

2. Your hosting provider must show you how to use webmail or create an IMAP connection from your email software.
a. Activate the Junk folder and create a new special folder called: ham

3. They must provide you access to: sa-learn 3rd party binary.

4. They must install these SpamAssassin Plugins:
a. DCC2
b. Pyzor
c. bays token
d. Razor2

With these in place, I will share a video tutorial and blog article with the complete user interface to cpanel configuration steps. If you can copy and paste, you can do this.
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We're asking WordPress to consider a new enhancement for image post
A little known attribute for HTML5 <img> tag is called longdesc. It can be linked to the media page to further explain about your image post and enhance your image search presence. As well as, provide further context to consumers with vision disabilities.

WordPress Trac Ticket:

HTML5 Specification:

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Our new PrestaShop Faceted Search Tutorial Will Get You Running Fast!
Created On: December 2015 by +Denver Prophit Jr.
Building faceted search for prestashop requires semantic attributes and features before you even get started. Read the article and watch the HOWTO video to get faceted search setup rather easily after a few preparatory steps.
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