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Baby Foot is now available at Strictly Skin! Get the details on this great at-home foot peel at

Coming soon to Strictly Skin...Baby Foot! Haven't heard of Baby Foot? Baby Foot is an at home foot exfoliation kit formulated with a variety of plant enzymes that leave your feet callous free, smooth, and silky a baby's. If you want to have sandal-ready feet, try Baby Foot! 

It's March! More daylight means more opportunity to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. Strictly Skin wants you to have healthy, protected skin, so daily moisturizers with SPF are 20% off this month! 

March into spring with glowing skin! Come in to Strictly Skin for a hydrating and refreshing Mango facial peel. Rich in antioxidants more powerful than Vitamin E, this facial peel helps neutralize free radicals and renew skin's overall appearance by leaving a smooth, youthful glow. 

March into spring with confidence that you are protecting your skin from harmful UV rays by incorporating a daytime moisturizer with SPF into your daily skin care routine. Receive 20% off your daytime moisturizer with SPF in store at Strictly Skin!

Com in to Strictly Skin for a facial during the month of January and be automatically entered to win a FREE product!
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