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The Voice of Stray Dogs

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Does any of that describe you? Get ready to participate in the VOSD Partner program.

Here’s your chance to become a VOSD DOG CARE™ partner. You will (1) sell some of the best dog products in the world (2) make enough money for yourself and the dogs you care for & (3) have the satisfaction that 100% of the proceeds fund the world’s largest no-kill dog sanctuary and rescue

How to apply for VOSD Partner Program?
Have questions & looking for answers? Read and fill this

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20% OFF on VOSD Dog Care™ products when you refer 5 friends and their dogs to VOSD. The best part is they get 15% OFF their purchases too!

No payments. No obligations. All you need to do is fill out this form

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Ticks & Flea treatment with VOSD Dog Care™

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Did you know the ticks are the No. 1 vector for mortality of dogs at home? Stay safe following a simple regimen:
(1) Shampoo your dog: periodically with a tick & flea shampoo that contains Cypermethrin™
(2) Use a tick & flea Fipronil™ based lotion is there is an infestation or probability of infestation. Remember the eggs will hatch in a week so repeat usage is necessary to break the cycle
(3) When the dog is Tick & Flea free, use SpotOn that will give up to 3 months of protection. We've the first product in India with IGR - Novaluron™
(4) If there's a heavy environmental infestation of ticks & fleas i.e they have started climbing up walls etc use an outdoor Insect Growth Regulator based spray that will break the adult-egg-adult cycle.
(5) If fleas have caused flea allergies/ skin eruption use a soothing flea and tick repellant lotion to heal and keep skin free of bacteria and fungal infections
VOSD Dog Care produces the most effective healthcare products for the most loved dogs in the world. And you can get the best preventives and treatments from VOSD Dog Care™ -- along with the best advice and suggestions -- no matter where you are in India.
Mail to for any advice related to our products or about your dog.
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VOSD's Unique organic proprietary lotion made from Turmeric extract (Curcuma longa), Himalayan Cedar oil (Cedrus deodara), Indian Beech Tree oil (Pongamia pinnata) & Neem oil (Azadirachta indica). Strong Antiseptic & Antifungal healing action. Suitable for treatment of cuts, bruises, burns & lesions from chronic skin disease including mange. Buy it today before the stock runs out!
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DO YOU KNOW the VOSD Dog Care brand?
VOSD Dog Care is the brand that is a combination of VOSD which means 100% proceeds of all income in perpetuity is for the VOSD Dog Sanctuary and Rescue, Dog which can mean a pet dog that you own or a stray dog that has no owner both are equally benefited by VOSD’s expertise & Care which is the combination of :
(1) dog care products
(2) rescue and rehab at the VOSD Sanctuary and
(3) remote vet assistance that is available for any pet or stray dog via


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The Voice of Stray Dogs - VOSD is talking to some curious young minds at Mallya Aditi International School today! #LoveIsAVerb with +Rakesh Shukla

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One of the recent arrivals at the sanctuary had babies! All care is taken that dogs are kept nuetered but it's easier to determine that for males than females. This is our second pregnancy in 5yrs.
No pregnancy is terminated. When we do discover that were going to have a mama she's kept in a separate enclosure she can birth in. The mother will be nuetered when she's weaned them off. The pups and mother will stay with us till the end of life as all dogs do.
This is home. (
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Munna Hazarey lived in a Bangalore apartment complex for over 2yrs. There were many attempts to relocate him but he was fought for with legal support by VOSD (see several times and continued to stay. However one day he was found in a critical state torn limb to limb. It was thought to be a attack by a pack of dogs but it turned out to be a single German Shepherd living in the complex.

Munna Hazarey was taken in for emergency treatment, made a full recovery and has lived with us for about 18 months now.

Like other dogs in our care he’s cared, greatly loved and his essential healthcare comes from VOSD Dog Care products including for injuries, dressings, fleas and ticks and nutritional supplements available on
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