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I decided to change the description of this group a bit. This group is now for anyone that would like to share images of Male avatars and/or male fashion in the virtual world of Second Life. Female avatars are allowed as long as they are with a male avatar or in mens clothing.
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Linden Lab's Photo Booth Contest ends today at 10am PDT. Hope you guys have entered! 

Linden Lab is holding a Photo Booth Contest with a total of L$19,000 in linden dollar prizes!
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I haven't, Berry !
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I went on a Scuba Tour with Avatair and it was so much fun! I live-plurked it with more pictures at this link:
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I've just had the most amazing time at what I consider to possibly be the most important LEA installation I've had the pleasure to experience. I'm busy writing a post about my many visits over the ...
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61% that's not too bad, I think the dates threw me off a bit. Though the average score of the people responding here is 62.5% so I don't feel too badly.
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Really well written post and I think something all #SecondLife  consumers need to read. 
A long post about SL economics and how much content creators actually earn. 
Sian can't hear anything in that helmet (and it's not like she can say anything either). Which makes it a good time to talk as me again. Bad words after the cut. I want to have a little talk about the economics of content cre...
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I also have  some fairly strong views in regards to content creation in SL. And the struggle it has been to establish realistic guidelines to govern legitimate business practices there. To be certain there is no easy fix. I have seen some of the bigger disputes handled in ways that only leave me scratching my head as my mouth slowly fills to bursting with questions. I have yet to bring my opinion to any light because as it is now there are already so many voices straining to be heard. I will however toss out this one major point in regards to the direction i have seen things leaning in the way of intellectual property rights within a virtual trades marketplace. When we the creators (many with similar views) set out to create products tools for virtual item production. the number of variations for these creations is a finite one to under state it a bit. So the petty disputes over who stole whose design specs in some cases are going to be coincidental. especially when one or more designer was reaching for a similar dream. with this in mind I think to regulate these disputes it should not fall to who created what first. But more on how the items where created instead. which would require said items to have some sort of creation log encoded into the item so that it would be a simple matter of looking up the process and its time stamps to verify that it wasn't just a bot recreation or what have you. the thought that one person could lay claim to a set of variables that created the item in debate is ridiculous. I mean will every set of variables be scooped up by a different artist at first come first serve. and then no one besides them could ever create a similar item with those exact variable settings again?   That's ludicrous.  
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Over 300 people have done the #SecondLife  Yearbook Challenge. Have you done it yet?
Have you ever imagined what your avatar would be like back in school? Join the fun in Strawberry Singh's yearbook Challenge and share your snapshots on our Official Flickr page and Strawberry's Flickr Group
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Strawberry Singh

commented on a video on YouTube.
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I've loved this song for a decade now and this remix is amazing! Wish I could find a version that starts at 1:04
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If you are currently in an online relationship & want to be on tv, this may interest you: 

#CASTING: I'm currently looking for people who are in relationships with people they met online but haven't met in person yet for a new tv project. We...
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This sounds a little like Catfish.... Could be fun.
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Mesh Body SurveyAs you may or may not be aware, the amount of mesh bodies in rotation within Second Life is getting quite high and new bodies are being released all the time. As designers, making items compatible with all bodies available is very time consuming as each one is different; therefore each body needs special attention while rigging mesh items for it. This survey is to gauge which bodies are the most popular at this point, and which are the most wide...
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I guess it's a women's only survey since I think only TMP and SL make a male mesh avatar.
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+Anelly Stone has shared a comprehensive tutorial on downloading and using Photoshop Actions:
Hello Everyone. Recently while I was working on Photoshop and discovered some Photoshop actions that I hadn't used before. So I quickly started trying all of those that I had already downloaded. No...
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Very interesting to know this application. grateful by your knowledge
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+Whiskey Monday would like to take your picture with your most treasured item in #SecondLife  details here:
In addition to my LEA sim project, I'm putting together a side project that will also run the duration of my time at LEA10. I'm calling it Intrinsic Inventory, and I hope you'll participate. Please...
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Sounds fun!
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Strawberry Singh

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Thank you to everyone that voted for me for the Avi Choice Awards, I really appreciate it!  <3
favorites in a virtual world ~ ~
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