I find the furor over "+" mentions amusing and sad at the same time. Here we have a technology whose affordances seem to preclude gossiping about someone behind their back, yet people are all wrought up about it. All one might have to do to gossip in the old way would be to resist the urge to say +That Person and ta-dah, privacy works.

Are we tin-tinabulating so much to the Pavlovian bell of link embedment that we can't have a simple conversation anymore?

I, for one, welcome our new anti-lashon-hara overlords. If you're gonna talk smack about somebody, at least have the courtesy not to include a hotlink to their profile. Sheesh. End of problem.

What if someone includes a + link in the comments? Hey, at least you know the cat is out of the bag now, whereas before you didn't know who was cut-n-pasting your indiscretions to their target. If it's in print on the intarwebz, it's not private. Welcome to your Learning Experience, my darlings.
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