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Hello Friends:
The group I helped to found some 20 years ago called STAR,  is up and running again, but I’m no longer on their Board of directors.
(STAR) "Southampton Town Aquatics and Recreation, Inc." has hired me to conduct a feasibility study for the needs, venue, programming and revenue stream for a center devoted totally to aquatic activities.
I in turn, have sub-contract in part, to a team from Pennsylvania, Wallover Architects, who specialize in these studies and have successfully completed muti-faceted Aquatic Centers all over the Country.
It will include a competition pool and all other aquatic related activities that would support the whole facility, generate revenue, provide jobs, and support, and train and improve  our aquatic community.

We are looking for interested people to join our committee in the form of a focus group to help survey the community in order to properly evaluate this concept.  
We are planning the first focus group/kick-off meeting at Southampton Library on Thursday, October 27th @ 7:00pm.
Please mark your calendars.


Potential Programs:
    1.     Recreational Swimming
    2.     Lap Swimming/Fitness Swimming
    3.     Learn to swim programs for all ages
    4.     Collegiate and Masters competitive swimming
    5.     Competitive Diving
    6.     Sports and Manual Physical Rehab
    7.     Water exercise and aerobics
    8.     Boating and water sport safety classes
    9.     Life Guard Training
    10. Emergency Services water rescue training
    11. Water Park style Activities for all ages  
    12. SCUBA training and certification.

    Our goals:
    1.     Locate all potential venues and determine the best location for the facility.
    2.  Determine which programming from the above list, fits the needs and economics of our community
    2.      Conduct a professional feasibility study to assure that an aquatic facility for the Town of Southampton is affordable to all and financially sustainable for the community.
    3.     Determine both construction cost and operating cost for a new facility.
    4.     Explore potential resources for funding the construction.
    5.     Research potential operators/managers of the facility to assure financial and programmatic sustainability.
    Yours in aquatics
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For Immediate Release:

Stott Architecture Receives Sustainability Award

Stott Architecture, Southampton NY,  has been recognized by “City and State Reports”, an email newsletter service covering business, politics and government in New York State. 
The Award for “Corporate Social Responsibility Awards in Sustainability” was presented to Mr. Stott at a breakfast meeting held at the NYU Eisner and Lubin Auditorium at Washington Square Park last Thursday , July 28th. 
Mr. Daniel A Zirrilli, Senior Director, Climate Policy and Programs, NYC Office of the Mayor presented awards to 28 honorees, including company leaders from PepsiCo, Jet Blue, Citi Bank, Sustainable South Bronx and many other industry leaders throughout the State. Mr. Stott was the only architect  honored this year.

Sustainable projects recognized by City State Reports by Stott Architecture include a proposed LEED Certified Ambulance Building for Southampton Village, a sustainable motel addition to the Hampton Maid Motel, now under construction, the Suffolk Theater, which included radiant floor heating and other sustainable technologies, and a number of LEED certified homes including his LEED Platinum HGA house and LED Sliver Sagaponack Modern Green Barn.
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New Video on Youtube:
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