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Is social commentary the new norm in advertising?

McDonald’s caused considerable controversy with their recent advert touching the topic of child bereavement, where a son discovers he shared a love of their Filet-o-Fish with his deceased father.

Opinion is split on the advert, but it undoubtedly raises an interesting question on highlighting social issues in advertising. Recent examples by Pepsi and Heineken have also caught widespread attention, leading many to debate whether brands are right to utilise provocative topics to advertise their products/services.

Do you think advertisers are crossing the line with social commentary, or are they helping stir universal discussion on important topics?

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We were commissioned by Essex County Council to modernise their main atrium space and transform it into a vibrant, welcoming environment for staff and visitors. A tall order, but it was a challenge we took on with great anticipation.

Installed over the course of a weekend, we worked tirelessly to deliver a complete refresh, ready for business as usual on Monday. We completely redesigned the reception area, installed new seating and tables and uplifted stairwells with the bright red ECC branding.

Read more on this exciting project here:
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Are brands ready to put their money where their mouths are?

The launch of VoiceLabs’ Sponsored Messages allows brands to deliver voice messages to consumers through Amazon Echo devices. Plus, consumers will be able to send their feedback straight back to brands on products they have bought.

Keeping up communication with consumers, whether it’s through email or social media, is an important tool in building brand loyalty and protecting your business’ reputation.

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Facebook is changing their algorithm with regards to posting content to ward off ‘low quality’ web pages.

The algorithm will place a priority on more informative posts to prevent spammers from filling people’s news feeds.

Businesses may have to rethink their social content strategy in order to stay prominent on their audience’s news feeds. We keep on the pulse of shifts in digital algorithms to ensure our clients content reaches their customers on a regular basis.

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A hit in Australian delis, the owners of Strong Bread wanted us to market their popular flavoured flatbreads to both commercial retailers and hungry consumers.

Our solution? A full branding service developed across brochures, packaging and their new website, including both commercial and customer facing pages. Through video demonstrations and a range of Strong Bread recipes, we highlighted their revolution in sandwich-making.

Want us to whip up a tasty design for your business?

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Ikea are famed for speedy DIY solutions, but it seems they are just as quick at spotting an advertising opportunity…

Designers at Balenciaga unveiled a new leather bag that bears resemblance to their famous blue tote bag. The print ad helps you identify between the two, highlighting the Ikea bag’s multifunctional features, compactness and low price.

Is your advertising quick off the draw?

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After admitting they lost focus on customers in growing their business, insurance firm More Than has relaunched their brand, returning to their irreverent tone of voice.

Introducing their “founder” Mordenn Surenns, they aim to cut through corporate nonsense and show off the quirkiness of their brand. It's the first time More Than have been on TV in two years.

Whether you feel your business has lost touch with your customers or you are looking to explore a new market, an effective relaunch generates the buzz to steer you in the right direction.

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UK advertising spend grew for the seventh consecutive year in 2017, with marketers spending £21.4 billion.

As we noted in a prior post, digital spending played the biggest factor in this spending, but there was also growth in TV, cinema and radio advertising spend. However, the slide in spending on print media continued.

How do you measure if your advertising spend is being put to good use?

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With methods to personalise adverts becoming increasingly sophisticated, Channel 4’s new VOD ads are taking the next step.

Adverts before and between videos can now incorporate the name of the individual viewer. For instance, the advert for upcoming film Alien: Covenant can be signed off with “Matthew: run” for a viewer called Matthew. 20th Century Fox, Fosters and Ronseal are the first advertisers to sign up for this service.

Do your adverts speak to your audience?

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Heineken has succeeded where Pepsi spectacularly failed in basing adverts around social issues.

Instead of suggesting their product can stop a protest in its tracks, the Worlds Apart video puts two people with differing views in a room to collaborate on simple problem solving tasks and Q&A tasks. Then, they are shown videos of their views, and asked to decide to part ways or discuss them over a beer.

Do you think social debates have their place in advertising?
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