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We just received this great review from a long-time customer at one of our Overland Park, Kansas locations.
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The largest collection of Presidential campaign memorabilia sits in #NewYorkStorage units. #PresidentsDay #POTUS
Largest collection of memorabilia from Presidential campaigns sits in New York self storage units.
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StorageMart President +Cris Burnam knows proper #InventoryManagement is key to any successful business. Here are some warning signs your inventory management may need some improvement. 

Inventory Management is essential to business success. StorageMart President Cris Burnam points out signs your inventory management may need improvement.
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We're proud to be a successful family owned business. Here's how we make it work. 
+Entrepreneur  #BusinessTips   #FamilyOwnedBusiness   #FamilyBusiness  
What you do to runn a good business with an ordinary partner goes double when you see the staff at every holiday gathering as well as at the office.
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Workers at the Massachuetts State House recently unearthed a time capsule first buried by Paul Revere and Samuel Adams in 1795.  Amazingly, the contents have been remarkably well preserved, giving a glimpse at life in the U.S. more than 200 years ago and providing a nifty lesson in document storage.

#DocumentStorage   #DocumentArchiving   #ArchivingDocuments   #PaulRevere   #SamuelAdams  
A time capsule buried by Paul Revere in 1795 has been found and opened, giving a lesson in proper document storage.
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The sun is mass of incandescent gas. It's a gigantic nuclear furnace, and our stores in California will soon be run almost entirely off of its energy. You won't believe how much carbon/greenhouse emissions we'll be offsetting. 

#SolarPower   #SolarEnergy   #RenewableEnergy   #GoGreen  
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Rick at Storage Mart in Waukee, IA was extremely helpful in getting me set up for storage!  I would highly recommend them if you have storage needs!
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Shout out to the staff at our Burlington, Ontario store. Their annual Holiday Tresures Sale benefiting the United Way of Burlington & Greater Hamilton raised $801. That's nearly double the amount raised at the 2013 sale.

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March is #NationalReadingMonth. Here are some tips for packing & storing your books. #StorageTips #PackingTips 
Follow these basic tips and there’s no reason why your books can’t be safely kept in storage until you’re able to move into a larger home...
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Since the takeover from budget storage the issues I had have been resolved to my satisfaction by Austin and the new manager at 139 sw 63rd in Des moines.
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Having trouble coming up with the next big thing? Your next great idea is probably inside your head already. Here are some tips on how to bring it out. +Small Business CEO 
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My Storagemart on Shermer Road in Northbrook Illinois runs like a finely tuned sport car!
Emil and Emilita are great managers of this facility.
The place is kept extremely neat and clean, and the management is always available to help!
Great loading dock area and pallet lift as well makes shipping and receiving an ease.
Very impressive facility!
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StorageMart President +Cris Burnam has some tips for how bad customer reviews can be turned into positive experiences and catalysts for improvement. 

#CustomerService  +Entrepreneur 
Anyone running a business will be faced with a bad customer review at some point. Here are some ways you can make those reviews an opportunity for positive change and improvement. 

Somebody trashing your company online is hurtful and infuriating but responding that way makes the situation worse.
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The solar panel installations at our Greater Toronto storage facilities are complete.  Check out some cool aerial photos of the installations. 
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Our good friends at PhoneSmart are being recognized by the City of Columbia, Missouri for their contributions to promoting diversity. Nicely done folks. 

#PhoneSmart   #ColumbiaValuesDiversity   #StorageMartGives   #CharityStorage  
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Providing quality self storage at over 130 storage locations in the U.S. and Canada.
StorageMart is the self storage space you'd trust your grandmother's china with. We offer clean, quality self storage units with great customer service.

Let us help you find the right size storage unit and answer all your questions, we have a storage expert waiting to hear from you! Call us today 1-877-786-7243
StorageMart offers self storage in over 130 locations across the U.S. and Canada. Find storage near you.
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