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Type: Twitter Chat Event with SPECIAL GUEST + FREE PRIZE DRAW
Event Date: Thursday 24th May
Time: 1pm PT / 4pm ET / 9pm BST
Hashtag: #SWChat

Topic: Measuring Social Engagement

Special Guest: +Lee Bryant from Dachis Group

Lee co-founded the leading social business consultancy Headshift, which is now part of Dachis Group, and is a keynote speaker at the Social Media Influence conference in London, June 12th.

Lee has been pioneering the use of social tools and techniques to improve business performance for nearly a decade. With clients across Europe, Asia-Pacific and North America, Dachis Group helps create connected companies, engage customers and leverage social business intelligence to measure and manage change.

By joining this Twitter Chat event, you could win a FREE ticket to the conference worth £495 (~800 USD) and listen to +Lee Bryant and other keynote speakers in person.

Every tweet you do that includes #SMI12 as well as the standard #SWChat hashtag during the allotted time is another entry into the prize draw. The more tweets you do, the more entries you have, the better chance of winning.

' The only excuse for not being social in the workplace is a sorry one #SWChat #SMI12 '

@hashtracking are kindly providing the reports of all tweets during the event and SMI (organisers of the conference) will select a tweet at random from the report as the winner.

Every participant who participates in this weeks #SWChat will receive a special DISCOUNT code entitling them to 20% off the price of a SMI Conference ticket on June 12th.

Come and join us for what promises to be another exciting event (though only people who want to engage in conversation with others are welcome!).

Some predefined questions will be provided for the event, however it is encouraged that all participants engage with +Lee Bryant and ask their own questions.

All content shared throughout the event will be made available to participants in the post event summary.

Q1) Should any business become a social business and what is the impact if they choose not to?
Q2) Where are the main cost reduction areas a business can benefit from by becoming a true social business?
Q3) How do you go about translating social engagement into true metrics that management understand and embrace?
Q4) Why is culture of ownership of social engagement important for any social business?
Q5) How do you go about cultivating ownership of social engagement into everyday working practices?
Q6) Traditionally Marketing have been the gatekeepers for social engagement - is this the correct approach today?
Q7) Why is the measuring of social influence with big data critical and what are the challenges in doing so?

This event is sponsored by Social Media Influence conference, in London, June 12th.

For more information about the conference visit http://socialmediainfluence.com/conference2012/
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