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Stop Headaches Naturally | Treat the cause not the symptom
Stop Headaches Naturally | Treat the cause not the symptom

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Both #migraine and tension headache sufferers list emotional stress, and feelings such as anxiety, worry, fear, anger, and frustration that accompany it, as their most important trigger. But emotional #stress is more than a trigger. It is part of the mechanism that produces a headache.

Emotional stress can contribute to headaches by:

- Interfering with #natural pain suppression mechanisms

- Increasing the excitability of the brain

- Altering blood flow to and within the #brain

- Causing the release of histamine, a vasodilator and inflammatory substance

- Increasing musculoskeletal pain

On-going stress can lower your headache threshold, making it more likely that exposure to your other triggers will provoke a headache attack. Specific short term stressful episodes may trigger a #headache attack.[12]

The role of emotional stress in provoking headaches is reasonably well appreciated. However few headache sufferers are aware that the sustained and excessive amounts of #muscle tension may play an equally important role.

Nor are they usually aware of just how tight the muscles in their jaw, neck and shoulders actually are for most of the time. Sustained tension in these muscles is a common response to #emotional stress.

It is also the result of maintaining the upper part of your body in a fixed posture. Sitting without moving for lengthy periods of time is a major culprit. Sitting with your neck craned forwards magnifies the problem. This “forward head posture”[13] will also cause pain in the joints of your neck.

Tight or tense muscles are muscles that are actively contracting. However, as we have seen, when muscles stay contracted for too long without relaxing they start to suffer microscopic tissue damage. Various #inflammatory substances are released into the muscle fluid from where they are transported into the blood stream.

Hence on-going tension in neck, jaw and shoulders acts as a continual low level source of #pain which can reduce your headache threshold. If trigger points are present, tension may irritate them sufficiently to provoke a headache attack.

Muscle tension, like emotional stress, lowers your headache threshold, making a headache attack more likely. Muscle tension can also act as a headache trigger.

[12] JM. Nash and RW Thebarge (2006). “Understanding Psychological Stress, Its Biological Processes, and Impact on Primary Headache.” Headache 46(9):1377- 1386.

[13] DG Borenstein, SW Wiesel and SD Boden (2004). Low back and neck pain: comprehensive diagnosis and management, p231-233, Edition 3, Elsevier.


Pablo Tymoszuk is a soft tissue therapist specializing in #remedial myofascial and #dryneedling techniques. He also acts as an #ergonomic specialist and wellness consultant which has motivated him to co-author the eBook Stop Headaches Naturally.

Together with Dr Margaret Scarlett they present a range of strategies for stopping headaches and migraines without drugs. All strategies are organized in a systematic manner and backed up by references to the scientific literature.

Download the book at

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Here are 8 ways to help you carry your load and avoid breaking down:

1. Get some fresh air and sunlight - great source of Vitamin D

2. Engage in activities that stops the never-ending loop of negative thoughts - the art of distraction

3. Visualize Calm - research shows that guided imagery reduces the level of stress hormone cortisol

4. Take an Epsom Salt Bath - these salts contain magnesium which aids in muscle relaxation

5. Be grateful - studies show that when one expresses gratitude, higher levels of activity in the hypothalamus (this is part of the brain that influences our stress levels). Gratefulness also activates regions of the brain that are associated with dopamine, a feel-good neurotransmitter

6. Exercise - releases feel-good endorphins, can help to regulate sleep and boosts energy

7. Get a good nights sleep - allows the body to repair, rejuvenate and prepare for the next day of activities

8. Avoid emotional eating - high-calorie, high-sugar and high-fat comfort foods initially makes you feel good but if left unchecked, your mind and body can begin to associate negative emotions with eating

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We can be motivated, inspired and encouraged by others but we should never compare ourselves to others. Run your own race, make your own mark, sing your own song!

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How many doctors would prescribe three Seinfeld episodes and a good nights sleep to their chronic pain patients?

#sleep #insomnia #fatigue #pain #stress #chronic #doctor #wellness #health #headache #migraine #laughter

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Progress and innovation are inevitable, just look at the modern telephone.

It is mobile, you can take photos & video, watch TV, it has replaced your vinyl collection and the humble postage stamp… just to name a few!

#modern #science #technology #health #medicine #wellness #headache #migraine #treatment

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God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change
The courage to change the things I can, and
The wisdom to know the difference

#wisdom #peace #serenity #stress #anxiety #relax #wellness #health #headache #migraine

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It’s easy to to return from holidays and fill our days with long to-do-lists, which can cause unnecessary stress.

As the year progresses, we need to stop and ask ourselves, “Are the activities in my life actually moving me in the direction I desire?”

One can be busy and achieve little, so we should never mistake activity for achievement.

#stress #goal #achievement #success #life #family #business #career #health #balance #wellness #spirituality #soul

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When you read the stories of men and women who have achieved their goals and left a positive mark in this world, they all made mistakes and had to overcome their failures.

It is OK to fail and make mistakes. It is only you who can choose whether failure is temporary or permanent, a stepping stone or a road block.

Note: we should teach this to our children - you don't always have to win. It's in our mistakes, disappointments and failures that we learn life's biggest lessons.

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