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Olle Linge who writes the HackingChinese blog was recently interviewed by a new chinese language learning site FluentFlix.  I hope that I can secure a beta user account soon, so I can start to take advantage of what they have to offer.  Two of the best tools that I have recently aquired are ( web, iphone ), Pleco dictionary basic package with flashcards, and Anki for my android cell phone.
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I received an invitation to FluentFlix, and it is Fantastic!  Youtube videos with simplified Chinese, pinyin, and english that you can toggle on and off.  You can click on a word to see a flash card.  There are several example sentences that show you how to use the word.  When you click on the vocabulary word it will start to repeatedly pronounce the word until you click on it again.  Click on the heart to add the flash card to your deck.  One of the best things is that this is authentic contemporary material that is interesting and relevant.  This will be one of my preferred tools in my toolbox :)
Don't forget to add and as additional tools.  Using these spaced learning tools to efficiently learn simplified character meanings and pronounciation prepares you for success with learning sentences :)
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