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5 Keys to SEO Success

Interview with Bing's +Duane Forrester. Duane explains what your five most important priorities should be to succeed at SEO today, and even puts them in order of importance. His ordering may surprise you!

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So SEO is the worst of the top five for SEO? Lovely wordsmithing.
ya LOL.. SEO is important for SEO..  I get it!
+Graham McConnell we suggest you read the article to find out why +Duane Forrester puts that as lowest priority. It might help to know that by SEO here he's referring mostly to on-site, on-page adjustments. He doesn't see those as unimportant, just not the first thing someone should spend their limited time on if their concern it building true marketing value and traffic to their site.
+Stone Temple Consulting I am not arguing the results, just the choice of term, which is an industry problem. One SEO is "organic inbound marketing" and the other is "on-page optimization." 
The best quote: "The reality is that it’s not up to you to decide if it’s quality content. The quality is determined by the interaction of the visitor to your website." The biggest surprise: that social signals apparently matter there. 
+Amanda Sturgill Bing has always been more open about their use of social signals, although as our CEO +Eric Enge has noted, they don't seem to play as direct a role in ranking as they once did there.
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