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Daughters of Isabella Mother Teresa Circle 1442
Mother Teresa Circle
Mother Teresa Circle


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SAVE THE DATE.  A Woman's One-Day Parish Retreat at St. John's;  Saturday,  June 3, 2017.  Sponsored by the Daughters of Isabella, Mother of Teresa Circle #1442.  More information to follow…

Daughters of Isabella, Mother of Teresa Circle #1442
News Letter

2015 Accomplishments, Plans and Objectives
·         Host monthly Parish coffees
·         Gourmet Dinner Raffle Fund Raiser for Parish need, May -$1,000
·         Co-Manage Parish Bazaar, September 12
·         Attend Monthly Adoration of the  Eucharist (1st Friday of Mo.)
·         Offering to Ugandan Mission,  June - $250 ( Fr. Timothy)
·         Participate in Knights “Silver Rose Program”, September 15
·         Fund Youth Ministry bus to Six Flags, September  - $350
·         Odd Year Elections, September 24; installation 2 new members
·         Donations of food/baked goods to Greg’s Run, October 10
·         Holiday Cookie Fund Raiser, December 13
·         Plan local retreat (TBD)

2014 Accomplishments
·         Formation of Mother of Teresa Circle #1442, June
·         Host Knights of Columbus Installation Coffee, September
·         Create Circle Communications Board – Church Ent., October
·         First Fund Raiser – Holiday Cook Walk, December
·         Host Monthly Parish Coffees, December
Membership Requirement:  Dues 1 November @ $20 (DOI State and International Organizational dues; insurance).  There is no requirement to attend monthly meetings, although we hope you do!  Meetings held last Thursday of the month (except December & July) at 7PM, Father Mealy Hall.


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Car Wash at the Rectory Today

Fr. St. Martin

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