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Why have a stairlift when you can have a real lift?
Why have a stairlift when you can have a real lift?


1. Save space.   At less than 7 square feet our Duo and Vista lifts' small size allow them to fit almost any home.  Their shape also means they can be tucked into a corner to take up even less room.
2. Place it where you want.  Because of its small size and because it does not need a load bearing wall you can put a Stiltz lift in many more places than a regular elevator.   A stairlift can only ever be placed on the stairs.
3. It looks great.  No other product at a similar price point will give you such an effective and good looking floor to floor solution.  The Vista, our clear, polycarbonate lift (shown) is even more discreet.
4. Low power consumption.  Our lifts are highly efficient and therefore use very little electricity.  
5. Safety.  Stiltz products include all of the safety features you would expect in a home lift, including obstruction sensors, overweight, out of balance and overspeed detectors, fall arrest system and interlocked door.  Half-height door models also include a full height light curtain.  A battery back up will lower the lift in a power outage.
6. Ease of install.  Preparing the aperture for our lift only takes 1-2 days.  Installation of the lift can be done in as little as a day.  This is significantly quicker and less disruptive than installing a traditional elevator.
7. Use it as a dumbwaiter.  Unlike a stairlift you can safely transport household items, laundry, suitcases, etc. with a Stiltz lift.  Two remote controls are provided as standard to help with this.
8. It's quiet.  Our drive system means our lift makes no more noise than a stairlift and is much quieter than many other elevators
9. Cost.  When you factor in construction costs for a traditional elevator a Stiltz lift can often work out at half the price.
10. Low cost servicing.   Our lifts are designed to be simple and convenient to maintain giving your customer the confidence of lower cost of ownership.  All lifts come with a 2 year parts warranty.
11. Take it with you.  You can't take a custom stairlift if you move and you wouldn't remove an elevator.  But a Stiltz lift is very quick and easy to remove and repairing the aperture is a simple job.  Yes, we like to think our products allow people to stay in their home forever, but it's nice to know your investment can be easily moved with you.

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Stiltz Lifts have been named as a 'genius new product you had no idea existed' by popular USA news and entertainment site, Buzzfeed. It follows the opening of our new American office in Pennsylvania. 

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After undergoing a knee replacement operation due to arthritis, Sybil Hart was finding it difficult to climb the stairs.

Sybil, 84, had already decided that a stairlift was not an option as she thought it would have looked unattractive and significantly narrowed her stair case.

Her daughter, Heather, thought the house was big enough to maybe accommodate a home lift but was not aware of what was available for domestic use until she started to carry out some research on the internet.

Following a simple search, she was delighted to find a company called Stiltz Lifts in Wokingham, Berkshire which was close to her mother’s home in Warfield, Bracknell. 

Originally developed in Australia, the Stiltz lift was launched in the United Kingdom in 2010 and Heather discovered it had received much media attention after it was exhibited at the Ideal Home Show in London that year.

The Stiltz lift was the first through-floor lift of its kind to be available in the UK – and it could be fitted almost anywhere in the home. Powered by a normal 13-amp power socket, the lift was ideal as it had the smallest footprint of any residential lift on the market and was not noisy unlike a hydraulic lift.

The Stiltz lift could also comfortably carry two people so Heather could accompany her mother to the upstairs of the property if needed which was another reason why a stairlift did not appeal. Equally, the lift would give Sybil freedom to get around their home and carry out every day activities independently which again a stairlift could not offer as she would require help getting on and off it.

Heather was much impressed with the Stiltz lift’s safety features that included a battery back-up facility in the event of a power cut, safety pans that make sure nothing is obstructing the lift as it travels and weight limit, out of balance and over speed detection sensors.

When the Stiltz team arrived at Sybil’s house, it was decided that the lounge would be the best place for a Stiltz lift to be fitted as it would travel up into her the main bedroom above. 


Few structural changes had to be made to accommodate the lift apart from a simple hole cut in the floor/ceiling and a small amount of reinforcement of the joists. The lift also had to be slightly shorter than standard as the upstairs room was shorter than downstairs.

Sybil opted for the entry-level Stiltz Duo Lift and Heather said it had exceeded all their expectations. Heather said: “My mother liked the fact the lift was discrete, simple, and there was very little disruption to install it. 

“It can also be easily removed if necessary. The placement is good in the house and it is simple to use. She also liked all the safety features. After having looked at other lift options, the Stiltz lift was slightly cheaper and much less cost to install.  

“The lift has been exceptional and has really done the job well. It is quiet, quick and convenient. It has been very good value for money. Anyone who has seen the lift at home has been very impressed by it.”

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