First day out with my new 7D Mark II...

I have just replaced my 6 years old Canon EOS 50D with the new EOS 7D Mark II, and this Sunday was the first day out with my new "cannon". I choose the Hubertusjagt, a traditional horse race in Dyrehaven, as a nice action event to - well - get my feets wet... I had not had time to read the camera manual or do personal configurations of the camera, but immediately got some fun at the jumps in Ulvedalene shooting 10 frames per second. I think I got a lot of nice action shots there, and I might post some of these another day. But the real big surprise to me came later at the water basin, Magasindammen. The popular wet spot where horses jump into the water was totally crowded when I arrived, and I had no choice but to use my camera over the head from long distance with live-view and a 70-300mm telezoom attached. I could hardly see the camera display in the sun, so I was shooting half-blind, and I had no idea of what AF-configuration I was shooting with on my new camera. But I must have been shooting in some "Live View servo mode" using the cameras "dual pixel technology" for tracking, because pretty much every shot had at least one rider sharp. The posted photo is an approx. 1/4th crop of the original shot, and if I take a little time playing more with crops I think I have a lot more keepers like this. Some say you should always credit the photographer, not the tool. But in this case it might honestly be 50-50...

I was shooting RAW+JPG, but since my favorite RAW processing software is not yet updated for the new camera, this edit is based on the JPG-version.

Canon EOS 7D Mark II, EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6L IS USM @ 207mm, 1/1600s, f/5.6, 800 ISO, heavy cropped.

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