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Stickfigure animation app for Android and iOS devices!
Stickfigure animation app for Android and iOS devices!

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Some pretty amazing stickfigures are uploaded every day over at

Have you submitted any? Approvals can take a few days due to the amount of submissions I get, sorry for the wait if you've already submitted!

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It's about two months old, but this short Stick Nodes DBZ animation from Psycho M looks like it could have been made in Flash! Great character models, too!

#dbz #dbsuper #animation #sticknodes

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One of Stick Nodes biggest users (and a frequenter of this page), AxZelJibanyan, has some very fast-paced and well-animated videos on his Youtube channel, check this one out:

(I wish I even had a clue who these characters were...)

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Do you like Ratchet and Clank? What about Dragon Ball Z? How about One Punch Man? The Terminator movies?

Either way, yes or no, there have been stickfigures uploaded in January 2017 that will appeal to you, here are just some of the best! (

#animation #dbz #dbs #onepunchman #sticknodes

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Somehow, user "Son Goku Anims" has been hiding his "Elements" series from me.

This is episode 8, and it's 7 minutes of fighting, humor, action, and some good storytelling. Grab a snack and enjoy!

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The website has been fixed! For those unaware, the website was suffering some performance issues for the past month or so.

The culprit was the way the thumbnails for all of the stickfigures were being fetched on each page load. As a result, the thumbnails were removed about a week ago.

The other day I restored the thumbnails, along with a fresh new look for the stickfigures page (which btw, there are over 2,000 stickfigures up for free download). Check it out!

#animation #sticknodes

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Just a quick note!

*Version 1.8.2 was uploaded last night for both Android and iOS users!* This fixed a critical MP4 export bug where sounds were badly unsynced. It also fixed a joining issue that only appeared in exports.

That is all. But here's an awesome DBZ vs OPM animation made in Stick Nodes by Coolbraker and Raimondo.

#dbz #onepunchman #animation #sticknodes

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NEW VERSION (1.8.0 - 1.8.1)

I just pushed out a new update yesterday, it's live on all Android markets and is currently processing on the App Store, so it will be live for iOS users any day.

Bunch of little tweaks, below is the changelog, but you can read more in-depth about the changes on the website (

◆ (Android) Fixed bug that would crash long MP4 exports.
◆ Fixed bug that would unsync sounds when using non-tweened frames.
◆ Fixed bug that would tween a joined stickfigure incorrectly.
◆ REMOVED the "Filled Circle" segment type. Instead, use the regular "Circle" type with a gradient selected.
◆ ADDED new feature, "Keep stickfigure during tween" under "Stickfigure Tools". Check this box on a stickfigure to prevent it from flickering/deleting itself during tweening.
◆ (Pro only) Added some new sounds.

Enjoy! More updates coming!

#androidapp #iosapp #animation #sticknodes
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1) Over 4,000 likes on this page (and Facebook too at the same time)! Thank you all, that's amazing!

2) The website has been very slow and unresponsive lately. Currently it's fixed, the stickfigure thumbnails (as seen on have been removed in place of a static image. This is a temporary solution until something more permanent can be applied.

3) User "Bacon Tea" has finally finished his fullbody Goku Black vs Saitama animation and it is amazing, I have no idea how he did this IN STICK NODES. Check it out

That is all for now.

#goku #saitama #dragonballsuper #dbs #onepunchman #sticknodes

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This is great - and not only because of good animation, but there's actually a story and plot!

* Warning - You will be inspired to animate after watching this. *

#animation #androidapp #iosapp #sticknodes
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