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Stewart Rogers
Director, Marketing technology at VB Insight
Director, Marketing technology at VB Insight

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An exclusive for VentureBeat today, and I reveal a new AI-powered tool that measures the emotions people exhibit when they watch your YouTube creations, helping you pick out the best content for trailers, remove the 'dull' bits, and understand what audiences suit your video best.

Check it out!

#YouTube #marketing #AI

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I look forward to all the webinars I am involved in, but this one will be extra fun as Virginia Salas Kastilio and I will be shooting the s**t on influencer marketing and more.

Make sure you sign up to listen either live or on demand.

#marketing #influencer

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The latest VB Engage is out, and this week I'm excited to reveal to you our latest awesome guest - Stephen Gold, CMO at IBM Watson! We talk about AI, cognitive computing, and much more.

Travis and I also discuss this week's news, including Wikileaks, AI marketing tools, and the post-IPO Snapchat news.

It's a humdinger! Check it out...

#marketing #podcast #AI

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Another exclusive today for VentureBeat, this time revealing a new service from Showbox - the people behind the awesome web-based video content tool - which allows brands to turn followers into ambassadors and influencers. At scale.

Check it out!

#marketing #video #influencers

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In my latest exclusive for VentureBeat, I reveal a round of funding for - and tell the story behind - a company that is putting AI to work to solve a $45 billion problem in retail.

Shrinkage. And no, I'm not talking about when you take a dip in a cold swimming pool. This is a much bigger deal.

Check it out...

#marketing #retail #AI

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Here's my latest for VentureBeat - a funding announcement for Conversion Logic, a company that is using machine learning to understand exactly how your marketing spend is generating results, across both offline and online channels.

#marketing #attribution #analytics

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What would it be without a fresh episode of VB Engage, eh?

This week, Travis and I interview the outstanding Mark Asquith. He's the UK's #1 podcaster, and schools us on all things "community" and "engagement."

In the news segment, we talk about Snapchat (we recorded the news on the day of the Snap Inc. IPO), and yet another AI-powered marketing tool. It's safe to say, AI is definitely THE trend for 2017 when it comes to marketing technology.

Check it out!

#podcast #news #marketing

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In my exclusive for VentureBeat today, I reveal a new (free) tool that allows you to determine - using AI - whether your future Facebook and Instagram ads are likely to deliver success.

Check it out!

#marketing #advertising #AI

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Tuesday means time for another episode of VB Engage, and this week Travis and I interview Mitchell Reichgut of Jun Group about honesty in mobile ads, and his view of what works (and what doesn't).

We also discuss the week's news, including what's happening in the world of conversational UI, chatbots, messaging apps, and taking payments via all of the above.

Go have a listen. Subscribe. Rate and review. But most of all, enjoy. :)

#podcast #marketing #news

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It is Tuesday, so that means another episode of VB Engage. In fact, we've reached episode 40!

This week Travis and I interview Itai Lahan, talk about Snapchat (a lot), artificial intelligent (a bit), and I reveal my real age.


#podcast #marketing #mobile
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