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Boku Brings Mobile Payments to Japan with Sony!  Yatta! (that's Japanese for Yay!)
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Why thank you +Google Shopping Express.
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Valentines day is hard on the diet =P
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Forbes Now: Fake Starbucks In Los Angeles Tests Parody Laws As Coffee Lovers Laugh.
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Feel free to RESHARE - Apple Customer Service Today at its best...

I’ve been using Apple computers for over ten years.  I own a MacPro with Dual Quad processors, 32GB RAM, 12TB Hard Drive Space, a 17” MacBbook Pro, several iPods and an iPad.

I remember when Apple’s customer service philosophy was, “Take an unhappy customer and turn them into our best promoter.”

The battery in my MacBook Pro swelled to the point that the seams broke.  I went to the Apple Store located at Easton Towne Center in Columbus, Ohio.  I had been aware of this problem from reading about it a couple of years ago.  Evidently, it had always been Apple’s policy to replace the batter, as it is completely defective, and I have several acquaintances that did receive free battery replacements.

Now however, the Easton Store Manager was prepared with a myriad of excuses why Apple should not replace this battery.  1.) The manager said, “The swelling is an indication that the battery has exceeded its useful life.”  I said, “A battery coming apart is an interesting indicator that the battery is no longer useable.  The “self-destruct” thing is only ‘pretend’ on Mission Impossible”  2.) The manager then said, “If you bought some Duracell’s and they stopped working, would you expect them to be replaced?”  I said, “Yes, if they came apart like this battery.”

The store manager basically told me to go pound rocks.  No replacement!

I seem to see this attitude with other corporations that are experiencing a slowdown in business, or increased competition.  Rather than deal with the competition by providing better products and service, it seems that the order of today is, “Our revenues are slow, so we’ll make up the revenue by putting the screws to our current customers.”

It is my opinion that Apple has implemented major doctrinal shift in its customer service policy to a “Screw You” strategy.

Today’s PC running dual-boot Windows and Linux is every bit as powerful as a Mac.  Samsung is beating the crap out of Apple on phones, tablets and phablets, and with Apple's customer service agenda, I see Samsung shares populating my 401(k).

Mac continues to be arrogantly over priced, which I didn’t mind as long as the company stood behind its products.

These Chinese-made batteries are simply a manufacturers defect and Apple just got tired of providing customer support.

Apple is no longer worth its inflated prices, and frankly it is now doing a splendid job of alienating its customers, thereby making Apple a risky company to depend upon for mission critical equipment and software.

Who wants to depend on a company that is going out of its way to alienate its customer base?  Once Apple’s customer base gets small enough, I do not want to be dependent on a supplier that is romancing bankruptcy.  History is about to repeat itself and Apple’s management is as oblivious as it was the last time the company was on the fast-track to self-annihilation.

Apple successfully took this very loyal customer and made him its best promoter.  I will forever go out of my way to scream at the top of my lungs how Apple has reneged on its obligations to provide acceptable customer service.

I will never buy another Apple product.  Good job Apple - you probably saved twenty bucks today.
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Android developers on Debian/Ubuntu (or derivatives) take notice. ia32-libs is no longer available in 13.10+, you need to use multiarch.

dpkg --add-architecture i386
aptitude update
aptitude install libstdc++6:i386 libgcc1:i386 zlib1g:i386 libncurses5:i386

#andriod   #ubuntu   #androiddev  
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Bugdroid invasion.
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Thank you very much! 
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54°F, Sunny, light 4mph breeze, and just chilling on the patio with some tunes and a cold one. Who says the weekend before Christmas has to be chaotic? I love winter in SF.
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This place is blacklisted for banning Google Glass. I take offense to plaid shirts, will you ban them? How about no smartphones or cameras allowed? It is very obvious when Glass is on or recording. Just because someone looks like a cyborg doesn't mean they are capturing pictures, audio or video. Your ignorance will only cost you in the end.
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I started coming here a year ago because the service at BJ's was horrible. I'm glad I did because I have made friends with many of the waiters and patrons. It is now my local neighborhood Cheers. Wings, beers, sports and girls combined with a great ambience, great service and friendly regulars, what could go wrong? Don't miss all day happy hour on Wednesdays. Half of all beer, wine and spirits.
Food: GoodDecor: GoodService: Good
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I stopped in here with my wife with no expectations, we were hungry as we were walking by and decided to stop having never heard if it before. It was a Sunday night and the restaurant was pretty empty. We got seated right away and immediately our server was at the table to take drink orders, however, we had not yet even been given menus. I asked for the wine list and a moment. Well that was a long moment, he didn't come back for 15 minutes. The r&b and dance music blasting in the overhead speakers, the poor service and the miniscule wine list was a turn off and I was grabbing my jacket to leave when he returned. We ordered the only bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon, which was a good well-priced wine, sirloin steaks, salads and chips. Total bill was just over 90£, so it was reasonably priced. After ordering (now 20 minutes after being seated), we were given some assorted breads and water. All of the food came at once instead of salad first and the wine took a long time. The steaks were cooked properly as ordered, however, the cuts were bad and it was a very low quality sirloin. They don't have steak knives to cut through the fatty steak with thick tendons, the wine glasses were generic red wine glasses, not meant for Cab. We finished our food and drink and left quickly without dessert. The ambience and poor service killed it for me, but if the music wasn't playing at dance club volumes and the service was better, it would be a decent restaurant. The food was good for the price, they could use proper silverware and glassware. As it is, I would not return or recommend Gaucho.
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Food: Very goodDecor: Very goodService: Very good
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Words cannot describe how much I hate this place. My wife and I used to love it in Portland, OR, but when we moved to SF near this location it quickly became a past time. The service is absolutely the worst I've ever had at any restaurant. And it wasn't an isolated event as I have been here at least a half dozen times. It takes 30+ minutes to get a drink, AT THE BAR, and the food another 30+. Beer is warm, food disgusting, the TV is always blasting some sports game and the waiters act like they have something better to do than serve customers. One day I couldn't take the wait any longer and walked across the parking lot to Hooters. The service was great, the beer cold, the prices decent and I met some goods friends. Never have I returned to B.J.'s since and I don't plan to. I have been to the B.J.'s in Cupertino though and its not nearly as bad, but the San Bruno location is in dire need of new management and new staff.
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Food: GoodDecor: GoodService: Poor to fair
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Food: Very goodDecor: Very goodService: Very good
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