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Stevie Petitt
Greetings! I'm StevieAnne ~Mother of 2, Born Again Christian. New Age >>> New Testament
Greetings! I'm StevieAnne ~Mother of 2, Born Again Christian. New Age >>> New Testament


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I've felt it myself. Praise God!

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Glad to help you write blogs and create custom images for it! BOOM!

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For a very LIMITED TIME, I am offering 30-day Content Calendars for $5 (a $45 savings!) I am trying out the freelance gig to see how I like its interface and how well it supports us entrepreneurs. Whether I like it or not, I will be sure to share the details with those of you who hire me :) And if it is a "go", you can expect to see the price go up very soon!
Now's your chance! What's five bucks? Do it! Let's learn this together and support one another in the process!
#socialmedia #content #digital #calendar #educational #engaging #niche

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She did it!!!! This woman is so wonderful and I am so proud to know her and witness her follow her passion of wellness for self and others !

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One of my absolute favorite people in the entire world! This woman is quite the leader in RAW cuisine and prep!

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WOOT WOOT!!!! I know this incredible woman and her journey is so inspiring!

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Jobless. Carless. Homeless. But not Godless!
All MY CHOICES! Even against the wisdom and guidance of many mentors whom I know love and support me fully...(I honor you)
From New Age to New Testament
A humble and authentic farewell to the healing arts
It is my prayer that you all understand it isn't about right or wrong. It isn't about criticism or condemnation. It's just about the indescribable, yet undeniable, path that Jesus Christ has placed on my heart.
It's very real.
Thank you for your love and support always!
I am officially on that "Jesus Freakquency" and It feels most aligned with the core of my being.
It might seem radical and even reckless- but let's be real... that's little Stevie to a "t".
Here's to truly following what we feel called to - Truth! It was never about religion- it's about relationship!
#TruthSeeker #TruthSpeaker #testimony #NewAgetoNewTestament #JesusChrist #NewAge #God #HealingArts #Christianity #Religion #BornAgain #JesusSaves #HolySpirit #Spirituality

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