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Need a ride?
Here at Steve's Auto Care we provide loaner cars and a shuttle service so that your whole day doesn't have to be put on hold due to vehicle repairs.

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Vehicle Accidents
In the event you are involved in a vehicle accident, it's important that you stay on the scene, check yourself, passengers and the people in the other vehicle(s) for injuries, call the police, take pictures of the damage, and contact your insurance provider ASAP. Lastly, remember that accidents happen. We can try our best to avoid them, but sometimes it's just not possible.

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Don't ignore the obvious!
Ignoring issues that your vehicle is having is extremely dangerous. Leaving the issues to worsen can potentially be deadly, or very expensive. If your vehicle is having issues, have it looked at as soon as possible!

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Tire Care
Rotating your tires, keeping them inflated, and having them replaced as needed is not something to take lightly. Tire care should be a top priority on your car maintenance list.

4 ways you are killing the life of your vehicle.
1. Ignoring your Check Engine Light
You Check Engine Light being on can mean many things, so ignoring it may be dangerous for safety and the life of your vehicle.
2. Failing to change fluids and air filters
Failing to check the level of fluids or replacing the air filters is never a good idea. The fluids in your vehicle are a vital part of helping your vehicle run correctly.
3. Neglecting your tires
Not rotating your tires can result in the tires wearing out a lot faster than normal and not having them replaced when needed could result in a flat tire which can be very dangerous at any speed but especially if you are driving at a high speed.
4. Not washing the exterior of your vehicle.
failing to wash your vehicle may result in rusting or the paint wearing out in certain places much faster than normal.

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Important to Know, Vehicle Maintenance for Teens
1. Knowing how often oil changes are needed.
2. How to purchase and replace windshield wiper blades.
3. How to check fluid levels often, and before a long trip.
4. Knowing the health of their tires.
5. Being prepared for a breakdown.

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Qualities to search for when buying a family vehicle
Looking to buy a new vehicle for the family, but not sure what to look for when it comes to qualities, and features? Here are a few ideas to follow in your buying process!
-Depending on the size of your family you'll need to determine whether you need two or three row seating.
-Checking the safety rating on a vehicle is important in your search.
-Testing the comfort of the seating is a great idea if your family takes long trips.
-Seeing the amount of storage it offers.

Cooling down your vehicle
With summer comes warm weather and hot vehicles. Here are a few tips to keep your vehicle cool in the high temperatures.
-Park your vehicle in the shade.
-Use a sun visor, or windshield shade.
-Leave windows cracked when parked.

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Clean Your Car
It might seem obvious to clean off the outside of your car. However, it might not seem as obvious to get the underside. This is where things you run over tend to get stuck
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