This wont happen again; double check your battery!

Last night I decided to jump on a tram and head down to St Kilda to take some photos. I charged up my battery that day, threw it in the camera - turned it on quickly, as per my usual quick check, and off I went. It was around 9:30pm. As I got to the beach around 10:30, I set up my camera and tripod, and there - flashing - was the battery! I've been so used to having a battery grip (and spare battery) on my 7D, but now with the the 5D I'm running with one battery. Now, I did think - let's be as power conservative as possible. I quickly set the exposure, f-stop, etc under the street lights so I didn't need to use the in camera light. Then turned it off, and tried to find and frame a shot without power. My experience with Canons is when the battery is flashing, there are only a couple shots. I was pretty pissed off, I mean, I did the quick check at home, I charged it that day (so I thought, but it got unplugged!!!), but I didn't look at the battery indicator. Anyways, I got a shitty 4 shots out of it, so was a waste of almost 2 hours to get there and come home. Here's one, just for the hell of it; nothing special, but the only one worth doing anything to. The others? One got a slight bump and is blurry. One has a massive piece of rubbish that I didn't see while setting up, the other was just bad composition, and this is the best of a bad bunch.

#battery #badluck #StKilda #Melbourne #photography´╗┐
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