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+Google / +Sundar Pichai- Your customer service is appallingly bad in a way that could have only been the result of a purposely built algorithm. Kudos to the team that worked to perfect this customer service process over the course of many years with voluminous amounts of data massaged through rigorous ML models.

I wait months for a Pixel phone, a gift from my beloved wife. The FedEx box arrives and instead of the phone and phone case that I was expecting I receive a Verizon Micro USB charger. Perhaps, the box contents were "modified" during shipping. Perhaps, you shipped the wrong product in the first place. From a customer point of view, I dont care. What I do care - is that I did not receive the product that we paid for and that I now expect the situation to be promptly resolved.

The response from Google customer service is that an investigation will take place over the course of 1 to 15 business days where I might receive a refund. I am then directed to take photos of the box and the USB charger that I received. Furthermore, I must respond to a terse legalese email confirming that I did not receive the phone. Additionally, I have to add myself back on to the Pixel waitlist.

After all the work on my end (phone call, emails, photos), the only potential "perk" is a coupon for free expedited shipping on my potential Pixel replacement order that I could potentially receive after escaping the waitlist at some unknown point in the future.

As your customer data would validate, my wife and I have been Android users since the G2 with a lifetime Google spend of several thousand dollars on numerous pieces of Android hardware/software, Google Glass, and Google software subscriptions.

Are you serious?

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Two magical days in Pilanesberg
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Sunday morning in Amsterdam. Fall enters with a subtle arrival, a heraldic tapestry set to unwind a week hence.

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Florence is one of the few places in the world that is even better than advertised. The geometry, the art, the poetic beauty of history that unraveled in bursts of unparalleled intellectual achievements over the course of centuries. I think that I need more chocolate gelato so that I can appropriately process.

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And one of Slate's best articles ever.

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Kudos for this awesome hackathon at MIT on Sat-Sun, Sep 20-21. As of tonight, there are tickets left for engineers/developers and designers.
This is awesome - I was just talking to someone last week about the lack of innovation in breast pumps, and that the perception is that it isn't glamorous enough or high growth market to go after as a business and investment opportunity. One month in to pumping, I can attest to the annoyance of the many parts, the noise, having to set up/sit down/clean up (and not having enough time while pumping to do much other than FB or an email or two). Woohoo MIT!

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+Google Maps  - I reported that the sushi restaurant I walk by at least 2x per day (you have the locational data from my phone to verify this) was closed via the Google Maps app on my +Android  phone. 

12 hours later I received this email response from a no-reply Google Maps account: 

Hi Steven Witt, 
Thank you for your suggestion. Upon reviewing your suggested change, we have decided not to apply your suggested change to How Do You Roll? at this time, as we found the existing details to be more appropriate. 
Thanks for your help,
The Google Maps team

I would be fascinated to learn more about the algorithmic decision process that occurred over the 12 hours between my app submission  and your email response.

As it stands, the result of your process was:
1) crowdsourced data from a Google Maps user was assessed to be garbage
2) you ensured that I am unlikely to waste time providing crowdsourced data to a Google service again
3) Google Maps continues to provide inaccurate data to users with an address and hours for a restaurant no longer business
4) the public Yelp listing that also states the restaurant is closed was apparently ignored (


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Friday night overlooking the Memorial Parkway after a brief rainstorm. #Houston  

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Today's afternoon view from the San Jacinto Monument overlooking a portion of the battleground and the USS Texas. 

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Just a couple hours left on Kickstarter for A World of Dew. Congrats +Benjamin Woerner - more than 500 backers and 10x your original goal!
$20,000!! ($20,944 as of this post!) We're getting +Ryan Macklin's Fate Conversion! If we hit $23,000 by midnight AZ time tonight we're going to also get +postworldgames jim pinto's Protocol Game for A World of Dew!

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