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Once you're committed to being on camera, probably the biggest hurdle is making your content authoritative.

But did you know there's a way of speaking that brilliantly frames what's most important for your audience and that because of this, they really "get" the main points you want to make?

The best part is that it's so simple to do, (in fact, you may think it's too simple to work, even though I use it every day) it will work for everyone who tries it.

This will upgrade how all your videos are received.

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Want a brand new audience for your content? Want to transition people more quickly from stranger to client?

Help them get to know you in a different way. And by different I mean less formal. More unguarded.

Sound risky? Then let’s cut the risk.

So exactly how would that work?

This is about how a certain kind of video on Facebook can give you so much more, if you’re willing to try less.

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If you could have only one video super power, what would it be? When I was starting, it would have been more fearlessness.

If I had known this at the time, my journey would have started much earlier.

For you it can start in the next 4 and a half minutes.

This is not about more information. It’s about seeing something in yourself that was placed there before you were born.

So even though it’s something you may have forgotten about long ago, it’s still as close as your next thought.

If any kind of block has been holding you back, prepare to watch that fear melt away.

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For more information:

Sometimes looking at videos that stumbled out of the gate can be VERY instructive. In fact, it can save you from making some mistakes that at the time may have looked like a great idea.

Today, on election day, we look at a video with a political theme, what happened to it, and how it was saved.

And then a recommendation for anyone who has a message they strongly believe in, and want to use video to spread far and wide.

Warning: Politically, we are equal opportunity radicals.

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I’ve been thinking about the election in the U.S.

I know. But it's not what you think. There's something amazing about it, about you, and about this time in history, especially if you’re a Boomer.

This isn’t the beginning of the end. It’s the end of the beginning. And you aren’t meant to be a passenger on this sinking ship of state.

What you are meant to be is something much different. And now is the time to understand this…in your bones.

I wonder if you’ll agree.

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Music tracks from the Zim Music Library:

This may not be totally accurate, but it seems to me that people rely an awful lot on luck when it comes to audio in their videos.

The thing is, it will be much easier for their videos to find the right audience when they're easy to listen to. The truth is we can deal with a poor image much easier than we can poor audio.

If you've ever wondered if there's a reliable way to get good audio, this one's for you...

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Yes, we're all snowflakes, as different from one another as can be.

And then we go into business and all that uniqueness disappears like dew in the hot sun.

How do you get it back, and in a way that is relevant and even compelling to your future clients?

And perhaps even more to the point, how do you amplify and then communicate it?

Here's how.

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Everyone talks about how important attraction is, but what exactly are we attracting people to?

This is an important question.

It's important because we tend to look at attraction in only one dimension.

There's more to this than meets the eye.

In fact, it's so important, it's one of our Pillar concepts.

There are 4 of them. And when you get all 4, everything becomes easier.

Welcome to AUTHORITY, Step 1 in changing the way you'll be seen online from now on.

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