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+Joe Brockmeier 's take on what the heck Microsoft and Barnes & Noble are doing.
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Just how long before the Nook becomes Windows based rather than Android based? I will guess a couple of years...
What happened to other companies with signed deals with Microsoft? -- 'No'rtel, 'No'vell, 'No'kia, and now Barnes and 'No'ble.
Does it make any difference whether it's Microsoft or Android for a simple E-Reader?
Microsoft will own 17% stake in the business. Barnes & Noble retains majority control and BN has more capital. I can't see that as a bad thing.
+Swapnil Bhartiya You shouldn't buy much in the tech realm then. Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Google, the various hand-held and tablet manufacturers. They all act about the same when they can get leverage in the market, either through market share or patent portfolios, etc. If B&N could duplicate what Amazon is doing and achieve the same end effect, I suspect they would do so.
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