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Took them long enough!
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I wonder where they got the idea for that from.
Edit: :)
FB has been rushing to copy pretty much every feature users from G+ are raving about.

I mean, a week after G+ left private beta, FB rushed to simplify the public/group posting mechanism.

I'm wondering what they're going to do about the killer feature:  Hangouts.  Skype Video chat is lame by comparison.
What about their killing feature - Ads? :p
We need to have a "Move to Google+" day, where everybody on facebook posts their G+ profile URL.
+Russell Nelson - I tried that a couple of times. Not once were my friends able to see my post in their news feed (even though I could see it just fine).
The greatest invention since ctrl+c/ctrl+v.
You've always been able to edit, although it wasn't obvious.  If you "x"'d your comment within a certain time frame (my guess was about 15 seconds), it wouldn't delete the comment but let you edit it.  All they did here was just make it more obvious, and allow people to see the pre-edited content.
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