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I really liked it too. Is it, as some have said, too preachy about the virtues of journalism? Well, yes. On the other hand, it was refreshing to hear about the virtues of good, old-fashioned journalism again. Oh, and it was still great walk and talk Sorkin dialogue. 

His best work? No. Darn Good work? Yes. 
Finally got around to watching Aaron Sorkin's new show on HBO, The Newsroom. I liked it and will be back. So it was good to read David Denby's New Yorker review. Sorkin writes some of the smartest, wittiest dialogue around, and the cast (Jeff Daniels, Emily Mortimer, Sam Waterston, Dev Patel, Allison Pill) couldn't be better.
I loved Emily Nussbaum’s negative review of Aaron Sorkin’s new HBO series, “The Newsroom,” which had its première last Sunday night, but I also enjoyed the show—certainly more than she did—and, after...
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I agree. I really enjoyed it myself. 
CNN could learn a thing or 300 from it. ;-)
I thought it was great! Just like the West Wing, it shows the potential we have to do better.
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