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He's back.... Yes, indeed Kim Dotcom's launched his new cloud-based file storage service, Mega, with 50GBs of free service... if you can reach the service and if you trust it not to be knocked down by a legal attack. 
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They're apparently going nuts with the encryption, too.  It looks like Dotcom's going for a Swiss bank level of plausible deniability, when it comes to the contents of people's accounts.
Brad T
Good luck on trying to upload. I have a 13KB image test file still waiting to upload after 30 minutes. I'm sure in a week things will be working properly once the smooth off the crunch of demand. Truly amazing though.
what's the business model?
Pay for premium/upgrade?
Ad based?
One thing to trust Google to access our content (email/files/contacts) to detect 'signals' with which to target ads at us... Do we trust KD similarly?
It's working quite well for me. Uploaded about 140 MB documents. Still exploring.
Might it be that it's just blocked from some countries and not others? Where's everyone reporting in from? 
Some of my photos that are on the web sites and the cloud are all backed up to a 500 GB external hard drive and in fact are on a separate drive on the computer itself that doesn't have the programs and OS on it. The external hard drive is set to back up once a month or whenever I feel like backing it up.On top of that they are shared and backed up on the 500 GB laptop just to be safe.
I am not able to upload from my account but able to on the main page not being logged in. 
What a fatass piece of shit crook and classic bully. Gee, what a surprise his website doesn't work.
I would say, Rodney, that the classic bully in this case is the US Justice Department, which acting at the behest of big media companies, treated Dotcom as though he were a terrorist. What's more the Justice Department worked in cooperation with Dotcom 6 months prior to his arrest to help take down pirates on his site. The Justice Department thanked him by turning around and using it as a hammer to help their case. Dotcom is surely a pompous showman, but he is not the bad guy here, not by a long shot.
I wouldn't be surprised if this is the standard stool pigeon damage. And now he's back.

I wouldn't trust the site because he seems a likely target, now.
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