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The new LibreOffice is here; I know what I'm going to be tinkering with soon. :-) 
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Heck yeah, I read about its release earlier and plan on taking it for a spin this evening after I get home.  
one of my authors send me an 87,000 word novel in .odt today ... he seemed a bit surprised I had no trouble dropping it into InDesign.
I just installed 3.6, but thus far not much different from the older version.  But I haven't gone through any of the new features.
now all they need is a real outlook replacement bundled with and ms office would go away for good
Will there be a LibreOffice version for Android, too?
+William Talkington though I'd love to see an Outlook like app bundled with LibreOffice I'm not sure how viable it'd be for them since Thunderbird w/ Lightning, Evolution, or even Zimbra Desktop are all very good email clients that are just as good if not better than Outlook, in my opinion anyway.  

Personally what I want to see is better compatibility between LibreOffice Base and MS Access or even database servers like MS SQL, Oracle, or MySQL.
+William Talkington Thanks :)  I cut my teeth on those systems in the 80's, so I still consider myself a RS/TRS80 Nerd to the core...
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