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His arguments actually makes a lot of sense to me. 
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Eh, the entire social networking stream has been cyclic. Prodigy into AOL, AOL into Myspace, Myspace into Facebook... Mostly the same group / type of people finding something slightly bit different then flocking to it. 
Hey, I was trying to be polite by not directly comparing floods of CD's to floods of "Invite your Friend to Play this game"  :)
I may not be quite as young as the kids the article talks about, but I left Facebook for the same reasons. It was saturated with advertisers and the general public, so I left to find my new "place." 

For me, that's Google+ since there are so many techies here.
I was one of the original users once (The) Facebook expanded outside of Harvard back in 2005, back then it was awesome because it was just 4-year college students, when they added 2 year college students it got even better. The downfall began when they opened it to High School students. All hell broke loose when they opened it to everyone on the internet. Order was replaced with Chaos. 

Instead of being a "cool" place to virtually hang out with friends and share things with them over vast distances it slowly became an annoying place where people were ranting about their problems and all stupid types of drama. In my opinion, apps were the biggest downfall in Facebook, they're just so damn annoying and what makes it worse is there isn't a "block all app requests" feature. People's accounts get hijacked by these apps and send out requests to all your friends without your knowledge and your friends secretly hate you for it. 

The massive amounts of advertising is what really pushed me away from Facebook. There's ads in the right hand pane and now with these Sponsored Posts all these stupid ads are filling up my news feed with stupid crap that I couldn't care less about (even worse than before ! lol). 

Because of this slow down-trend, I go on Facebook maybe 1-3 times a week, for maybe 10-15 minutes, as opposed to the hours I used to spend on there every day years ago. Hell even my ex-girlfriend, who is a huge Facebook addict, seems to spend more time on G+ recently than she does on Facebook. (I'm not a creeper, we're still friends :D ). 

It's inevitable, Facebook is going to end up just like MySpace. The only question is when.
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