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Oh dear, oh dear.
Dear Howie,. Last week I received a “you probably don't remember me” note from a man I went to a school dance with nineteen years ago. He is married and has three kids, but states he is not happy....
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+Steven Vaughan-Nichols Steven, did you know Lovecraft's second professional publication was a series of articles about astronomy in an Asheville newspaper? I have copies and keep meaning to publish a small book on them.
+Ralph Roberts Really? I hadn't known that. I knew he had written an astronomy series but I didn't know it appeared in an Asheville paper. Was it syndicated or direct to the paper?

Apropos of which, there probably wouldn't be much of a market for it, but I'd love to read--maybe write--a history of Asheville-area based newspapers and magazines. It was, and still is, for that matter a surprising publishing hotbed.
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