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A senior editor at the Atlantic is upset that he was "attacked" by a a freelancer wanting to be paid for his work and rants on for a whille.. 
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So how do you feel about dabblers who write an occasional article for 'Linux Unleashed Quarterly' for nothing/bragging rights?  

It's terrible really isn't it?  People do this (try to take advantage of people starting out) to each other and for what?  "Their job", "the good of the company".  I don't know who is demeaned more.  Its the sleazy proposition next to the photocopier:  "Hey if you do this one thing... exposure, it could open doors, grease the pole so to speak,..." 

I also think Nate was rather miffed because the subbie obviously thought he was some wet-behind-the-ears cub-reporter.  He's interviewed Pol Pot for chrissakes!
I enjoyed that article enough to want to see what else they publish. Now that, is what I call #winning  .
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