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I hate to say it, but I really do think Firefox is pretty much done as a major Web browser.
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I am really hoping you are wrong, but sometimes I hope way too long for that which I really want. I, too, find the accelerated schedule to be much less then it was hyped. If it is to be firefox's downfall, I hope midori is ready.
I think it might fall to the wayside on OS X and Windows but the performance and memory management on Linux is still lightyears beyond any other browser that are around today.
Biggest selling point of Firefox was its being open source but since we have also Chrome now it is not important as much.
Personally I prefer Opera and Chrome over others.
True, but it kinda makes me sad...
I am definitely not a fan of the built in "share this" in the code for the browser. It messes up other site plugin tools like the Wibiya tool bar. Found that out the other day.
I'm actually using Firefox now as Safari decided to completely stop working, and Chrome would refuse to load certain sites, such as Facebook or (ironically) any Google pages, including Google+.

(And if anyone has any ideas as to why those might be, please do share.)
I tried really hard to give Firefox the benefit of the doubt... But they finally lost me completely around the Firefox 7 release or so. Enough's enough... There's only so much pain my browser loyalty can take.

Firefox is now dead to me. Mozilla has left the path of sanity, and the SS Firefox, once the proud flagship of open source software, has run aground due to a complete lack of competent navigation.

All nautical analogies aside, it's simply not worth the pain anymore.

Midori shows great promise... I would love to see that browser get the kind of attention Firefox got in its early days. That would mean it would get the development it so sorely needs and deserves.

Until then, I'm just another defector to the Chrome camp. :-/
Totally exaggerated claim, to say the least.

From my own experience, the latest Firefox is way faster than Chrome, uses less memory (oh yes! just try to sum up all those Chrome processes), especially as the number of tabs starts to increase, it has real and actually helpful extensions and it integrates better with GTK and Unity...Enough said.
i have to agree with +Marin Treselj it might not be the fastest on the benchmark but really uses less memory and it's faster in cold/hot start.
The day Chromium showed up, I found it much better than FF even though it didn't have as many extensions as FF.
I heard the FF developers are forging a partnership with RIM.
Stan G
+Robin Goins If Chrome stopped working on some sites for you, start with a blank new profile, it should help. You can later restore your settings via Chrome sync. Location of profile directory depends on your operating system, find it, exit Chrome, rename it to something ".old", for example, and your Chrome will rebuild it from scratch.

You might even gradually copy the files from the old profile into the new and see which one breaks your sites, you can even pinpoint the exact offending setting and post your experience on Chrome support site.

For me FF is too slow with java apps and FF10 broke my IcedTea java plugin (on Linux) so I reverted back to FF9 and tabooed its upgrades.
The simplest fix for Chrome problems is to clear cache before doing a lot of intricate heavy lifting. 
As long as it has a rich community backing it, It will always have a future
Firefox is still my 2nd browser of preference on both Windows 7 and XP, my first choice is Internet Explorer 9, but in my work office I still have Internet Explorer 6.
It's a pity, because Firefox is my choice since ever (I even used Netscape 2.0 instead of IE in that old days!).
For me it's only crashing with some Java sites under GNU/Linux (Ubuntu family)
And on the Chrome side, sorry, but I only use Iron browser. I think is better (lighter and safer than Chrome and Chromium) and I don't like Chrome/Google dangerous flirting with patents and so.
I was an avid firefox user for years and absolutely loved the flexibility of it. About 6-12 months after chrome came out and everyone was ranting and raving about it a friend told me to try it out and it took a little while getting used to. As it got better and also integrated more with Android I was hooked, the syncing feature is 100% better than Firefox's ever was since it uses your Google account and not some random and impossible to remember string of characters.
I have just gone back to firefox, from chrome, because of constant crashes on youtube.
+walter byrd Also gone back to Firefox ... On several of my computers, Chome crashes and hangs a lot. Lots of talk about solutions out there but none seemed to work. Very annoying.
+Ralph Roberts and +walter byrd agree with you both. used chrome until early this year - it hanged a lot, hogged memory and had a lot of runaway processes. reminds me of FF 2 or 3 versions ago, reason why i moved to chrome in the first place. now back to FF, and more than satisfied with it, best FF yet, on both my Windows 7 and Ubuntu machines. I actually installed chrome again last week on an old laptop circa 2005 running Windows XP, and encountered the same problems, and worse, a check with Task Manager showed a number of chrome processes, even though chrome wasn't running!
+Richard Hintz but Richard, I'm always doing "intricate heavy lifting" and I expect my browser to keep up without me having to trick it into operating efficiently. Chrome does not currently do that. Firefox limps some but does kinda keep up at least.
I still prefer Chrome and Opera. Those are my favorite browsers, and I don't have any trouble with them. I don't have the crashing issues or other problems in Firefox, though. I use Waterfox (64 bit variant) on my Windows computer quite a bit, and it works well. Firefox is slower for me than either Chrome or Opera when I am in linux.
Firefox did so well when they started out and now they're getting careless. I still like Firefox but I also use Chrome.
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