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It's pretty darn obvious that while I may have my disagreements with Google, I'm not leaving it, but here are three pros who've given it a try and their reasons for wanting to leave it. 
Three computer professionals explain their attempts to part ways with the search and data giant.
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depends, I suppose. ... having written two books about Google products and in progress on a third, I've already made enough money from Google indirectly to suffer through any bumps in the relationship ... however, Google should send me flowers and candy occasionally to keep the relationship fresh.
It's an interesting article and video. I can understand that people may avoid Google, Facebook etc. due to privacy concerns.

On a personal note not logging into Facebook anymore hasn't decreased the quality of the experiences I have on the Internet.

Though I think that avoiding all Google services would have a huge impact and reduce the quality of my experience on the Internet. It's quite concerning to think about really. Let's hope Google continues to do a great job and finds better ways to help protect our privacy.

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