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It's here! For the first time a major gaming platform, Valve's Steam, is available on a Linux desktop: Ubuntu. 
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Not wanting to pick hairs, but is it not still officially a beta?
I am sure when I was on the site last night it was still described as one. I could be wrong though, my memory is far from the best.
So if I install Linux, and Steam, I can play games such as Skyrim?  I would like to hear from anyone who's tried this.
Not every game on Steam is currently available for Linux. If you load up the web page and click the Linux tab, you will see what games have currently been ported. Obviously over time more and more games will become available.
I think the significance of this post is that steam is now out of beta on linux. it's "released" today.
Steam for linux only plays steam linux titles. they have the tux symbol on them in the steam store. You might be able to wine the rest of them.
Been playing with the Beta release since its beginning and its quite good, provided you have decent hardware and latest graphic card drivers installed (Nvidia is the way to go here, by far)...we'll see how the game porting ends...
oh yeah, this is only the first step. once steam box is released, you can expect a major shift of gaming to linux, I would hope.
Steam on Linux is a TREMENDOUS thing.

I also think it is a tragedy that this is being rolled out as an Ubuntu thing. The Steam client is not Ubuntu specific, and I am unconvinced that a world where "Linux" == "Ubuntu" is a healthy one.
+Ubuntu Bhoy The installer, as of last night, was still reading as beta, but during the installation it automatically updates to the final. 
+Aaron Seigo They tell me they'll be porting it elsewhere. As I say in the article they wanted to start with Ubuntu because of its popularity and then move from there. At the least, I expect to see it on other Debian/Ubuntu distros in the next couple of months.  
+Steven Vaughan-Nichols People are already running it on all sorts of Linux distributions :) Valve could do themselves a favor, perhaps, in finding a way to harness those efforts.
+Steven Vaughan-Nichols Steam ought to, imho, forget about the idea of official support altogether. Make the system available (they can test on Ubuntu only if they wish) and then engage the community to fill in the blanks (including: you break it, you keep both pieces).

I realize that this is another step into the "open source" methodology thinking, but one can hope.

That said, it would be really nice if the F/OSS media would recognize the efforts of said communities which are doing the work regardless of Steam's official support or not. What an amazing success story that is, and some light in their direction would not only reward effort duly but it would help ameliorate some of the unnecessary cross-distro tension that comes in no small part from too much shade being cast by too few players.

+Emlyn O'Regan Agreed; I expect that Steam will grow into that with time, however .. it's the beginning of their learning curve, though with appropriate feedback they'll likely come 'round. They are a very sharp company with very smart people producing some nice product, so it is most definitely within their reach .. one step at a time :)
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