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I've sat in on conversations like this far, far too many times in the last few years.
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I found one of the comments interesting in that the commenter said that management is "old people" and IT folks are "young people" the old people have no clue about computers and the young IT folks just play them.

now, I know enough folks from my own background to say there is some bit of truth to that. Although, I know some "old folks" in IT that have forgotten more about networks ad computing than some of these "young people" will ever know as well.

What seems more "real" to me than the age thing though is that there are types of people in general who get stuck on fads and buzzwords. They can be any age. and there are people who don't keep up with the fads, trends, etc.. very well at all.

To me, these are where discussions like the Dilbert one shown happen.

A mixed group of "fad folks" and "non-fad folks" trying to problem solve. It just doesn't work well.
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