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Well, see. There's always someone that is more mean than one. ;)
still works for me... can't help but chuckle every time I see reality setting in to everyone else like this... 
I know exactly where the 40% market share figure for XP comes from. IT departments like my organization where the ponies only learned one trick and perform it over and over. (Yup, Lotus Notes is our official communication tool.)
3% PC sales decline and it's the end of the PC! lol Maybe because people were buying 1 million Surface RT's and thought it was a PC?
+Steven Vaughan-Nichols The problem with being consistently prescient is that when the future does eventual saunter along, it looks really, really old.  That said, yes, the truth does eventually catch up with tech companies.  Microsoft is the new IBM -- no longer where you go for personal computing, or, increasingly, even business machines if you've got any say in the matter.  But the proven known quantity for companies which must employ technology but prefer not to understand it.
One thing is for sure: you won't discover the future on a blog.
+Jason Honingford Being in a declining industry doesn't have to be bad at all. Film photography is still very profitable for some companies, even though the decline has been over 90% before stabilizing.

But it is bad, when your company’s financial structure and operations are all designed for an increasing market. Notably, film is profitable for some companies but disastrous for the leaders Kodak and Fuji Film. Kodak has gone bankrupt while Fuji is doing quite well, but only by reinvent themselves and diversify almost completely away from the film business.

That's why Microsoft doubling down is a concern for some people. Their operations and the market direction is out of sync, and it looks like they've decided to try to turn the PC market back to its former growth pattern, rather than try to retool the company for a future where the market is static or slowly shrinking.
Lets hope they can finally get there.. Would be cool to see the font doors of Redmond turn blue with heaps of gibberish white writing all over them and refuse to ever open again...
Mini MSFT must be proud that Forbes it's finally taking up his (or her) call that MSfT needs restructuring and some new vision in the pointy end
I read this article posted on G+ earlier today, and I call shenanigans on it. The one quote along the lines of "slow to release win8 in a timely fashion" shows ignorance on the arthor's part. Win8 came out three years after win 7 which is par for course of OS updates from MS. A bit more research reveals the authors bias against MS as far back as 2005 ( maybe further?) Take this article with a giant grain of salt.
Replace Microsoft with Apple and it would be more accurate, well the title. Can't access the article here.
+Steve Burdick I believe a lot, perhaps most, countries celebrate christmas eve, not christmas day.
MS dev tools are just too expensive to attract new developers. True the express version is free, but paid version start at 600+. With their small market share on apps store, that is not helping at all.
Try and do 3D CAD with Surface RT using your finger.  That's one thing that keeps MS going. And the XP upgrades aren't happening because Vista and W8 are memory hogs in comparison. No business wants to put money into a dead-end machine. And where's W8 DTNTWM (DeskTop No Touch With Mouse)?
Time will tell but MS needs to do something drastic soon to stop losing to Apple and google. 
And the article he cited at Inc is absurd.  It is the same sort of double-standard that I see constantly:


iOS, close five fingers together to close an app: ........What, are you expecting me to complain?  What's wrong with that? Apple is...special and magical...and stuff...I mean...we are all BORN knowing the iOS gestures, don't you know?

More detailed rebuttal to the Inc article (cited by the Forbes article) here:
Oh, and you STILL need to correct your earlier article where you lied to your readers about whether or not they can search for contacts from the Messenger app.
Its worse for Microsoft than the article states.
He completely misses the fact that the newest version of Samba will allow people like me to finally completely remove our exchange servers and the licenses required for our users.
His other huge omission is that the Linux platform is finally getting the gaming engines that has held Linux back for so long.  The largest game engine Steam is now in beta for Linux and it's maker Valve is telling its users that Linux is a better platform for gaming than Windows 8.  Users will be able to switch to the Linux version of Steam and keep the games they already purchased.  Valve will also be putting out a Linux game box late in 2013 that could do some serious damage to Microsoft's Xbox.
+Robert Belcher MS got a gun pointed to its head to open the cifs protocol. In a way it is sad.
This guy is a douchebag Microsoft hater and has been for years. Ignore him. 
Actually +John Siu , Microsoft was not forced to open the protocol... only document it.  And according to the Samba team, they did a crappy job of doing so.  The documentation had cryptic remarks like... "...and through some Microsoft magic you get a result."
Microsoft could may be losing market but there are people out there who needs laptops... Tablets can't do all what laptops does... But I guess the frequency of buying laptop is decreasing gradually 
I've been thinking MS has become more and more irrelevant recently. Can't say they have anyone to blame but themselves...
Working in IT I can tell you we are getting tired of the very poor quality of some of the ancillary applications like UAG and TMG, however Exchange is a shining star and I don't see us moving away from it as I am not aware of a product, cloud or otherwise that comes close. Dumping Ballmer seems like the next logical step, but they have to find someone from outside who has the necesary credibilty and personality for the job and I have bno idea who that might be.
The "Microsoft is struggling" trope has been popular with the mainstream press for a few years now. 
Vista was annoying, I am now enjoying Linux Mint. No need to even consider win 8 for my desktop. Save my money for an android tablet. :)
This is Macs time to shine, if only they could make more affordable products.
I'm mixed about the future of Windows.  Yes, their sales suck right now and I'm not a fan of Windows 8.  But there is still a huge group of people that have not transitioned to a smart phone.  Windows has been slow getting into the mobile environment.  But if they do it right, they still stand a large chance in getting that group slow to transition.

Windows 8 will soon be the only operating system available for most users getting new PCs.  And if they can get people accustomed to the changes on it, they won't have to relearn everything if they get a Windows smart phone.

They've shot themselves in the foot, but they still have that advantage of being the only OS for the vast majority of PC users.  And if they can get people on board with Windows 8, then they'll have an easier time getting people into Windows phone.
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