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I think we're soon going to see more and more storage for less and less money coming from all the major tablet companies: Amazon, Apple, Google, Microsoft, etc. What do you think?
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I believe we'll have a cloud capacity war, but not a cloud reliability war. I liken it to virtual hosting 10 years ago. It got to where nobody could make any money because web virtual hosts were $2/month and the reliability was worth every penny. 
Reliability, especially connectedness, is why I got an iPad with 64gb.  No good having a tb of cloud storage if you can't connect to it.  

What if Verizon, or T-Mobile, offered a tb of cloud storage as part of their cell contract?  That would be interesting.  You're already paying for the connection...
People are PAYING for online storage? How much more do you need? Even paying for backup services is unrealistic, given that they throttle your bandwidth.
We're deep into the public cloud storage price wars. 
When the oodles of free storage I've got from my phones expires, I will probably be paying Dropbox. Unless Google Drive makes an official Linux client and Dropbox fails to compete on price.

Although, I guess there is an alternative to the official Drive client...that probably doesn't support *BSD anymore than Dropbox does.
Surely interesting stuff. Lower prices means it becomes easier to do something weird or special with the cloud technologies, so that really means something, imho.

BTW, +Steven Vaughan-Nichols - you've got mail - openSUSE news in the making ;-)
I currently have  5 terabytes of my own storage and expanding. Its not likely I'll ever trust my data to some server on the internet. Why is it we are going old school mainframe now? Megaupload comes to mind. Nothing you put on the web is secure.
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