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I am not a big fan of zombie movies or TV--but World War Z was a excellent  horror/adventure novel and the movie looks like it lives up to the book's promise. 
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I started the audiobook yesterday commuting in to San Francisco.  About 2 hours in and loving it.
Looks very different from the book, however.  Inevitable, given the book's format.
+Steven Vaughan-Nichols As far as I could find out the movie only has the name in common with the book ... everything else was apparently changed completely.

From IMDB:

"... Is this film based on a book? No, while the book and movie share the same name the movie in it's current state is only resembling the book in name. The plot is completely changed ... "
Haven't read the book but have heard great things about it... and the movie preview looks really good!
I saw the trailer yesterday - they filmed the scenes(can see in the the trailer, where Brad Pitt was sitting in the car and the garbage truck smashed through all the queued traffic) in Glasgow (Scotland) - it's weird how even though I pass through that street daily it still looks like a US street..... 
No kidding? Had you not told me I would never have guessed that wasn't in
New York!! Movie magic!!
I frickin love Street View!! Travel the world from my phone ;) thanks for
sharing that! Would love to visit there someday!
I gotta say, I would hope this would be more personal, man vs zombie a la walking dead. However it appears like the zombies are a swarm, which makes this look much less scary and much more typical hollywood CG clusterfunk. I had been looking forward to this coming out for some time, but the trailer just thoroughly convinced me to skip it.
+Douglas Saylor See above. The movie and the book supposedly only have the name in common ... as always when a movie is based on a book and they change the story too drastically, the ones who have read the book before seeing the movie might end up being disappointed ...  Just sayin'. Let's hope I am wrong ... 
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