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Here's a good video from The Linux Foundation on why Linux is important and how it's built.
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Yeah, it's not Linux that fails, it's the game developers. I'm really perplexed why they all refuse to come out with a Linux installation. Money? The fact that Linux has an open license?
So what? It's like they think they invented patches or something... It's better than windows, because it sells more phones??? Figure it out Linux, you are not easy to use, and you don't run most games. Therefore you lose.
I would love an Alienware it rules in the game area
Surprised that they didn't mention Kindle / Nook.
+Ryan Allen It's unreasonable to fault GNU/Linux because developers refuse* to develop games for it. Complain to them.

*There are actually very many games for GNU/Linux, and several commendable developers that choose to support the platform. See especially the Humble Indie Bundles and Desura. Support those who support the platform and write to the ones who don't.
Aren't there more mobile devices running Symbian than Android or IOS put together?
+Michael Nachtigal Why would I complain that they want to use directX and get their product out to the largest installed user base (that being windows)? If I was a developer, I would not develop for Linux either. What's unreasonable is to ask developers to take the hit for Linux. If it is so superior to Windows, it would do everything Windows does, and more, out of the box. It doesn't. It requires constant attention and maintenance, you have to configure it for every little thing, and it makes no sense to replace Windows with something so cumbersome, and with such limited software choices. Linux is for people who have nothing better to do than fiddle with their computer all day long so that they can get it to do something Windows does right out of the box. I never understood the need for it, and I still don't, just like most software developers. I'm glad it works well for handheld devices, but I do not want it on my PC.
Even OS10 was built around Unix (free BSD if I remember right) Linux/Unit is here to stay. Windows dropped the ball years ago and has been playing catch up ever since.
+Ramon Insua Symbian is a dead OS walking. In no small part that's because Symbian isn't a smarpthone OS. It could have been, but Nokia & the rest of The Symbian Foundation crew dropped the ball.
The main reasons that game developers don't support Linux:

- Tiny install base. Most developers don't even target MacOS (10-12% market share). Why would they target an OS with low single digit market share?
- Use of DirectX. Most PC game developers stick to DirectX. Unless you can convince them to all switch back to OpenGL, don't expect more native Linux games any time soon.
- The 'cheapness' of the Linux community. Between not wanting to pay for software, and the demand that all Linux software come with source code, why would any sane developer want to develop for that market?

I'm not a major critic of Linux -- I use it every day at my job, have an Android phone and run Linux in VMs for school -- but it's not the solution to everything.
people support Windows because Windows supports legacy, Compans are their biggest market and most company's are cheep skates, they dont replace hardware unless they have too. With devices like IPhones, Droids IPads that market is shrinking, I give Windows 10 years as Laptops disappear and pad like devices replace them, then the game developers will make the cross over. After that Windows is history unless they change.
I'm not so sure Linus Torvalds has the ultimate power to reject features and control the code as it is stated in this video... What do you think?
+Dennis Mix What market? Are you saying that handheld devices are going to shrink the PC market? Because that is utter nonsense. Everybody chimes in thinking their needs are going to determine the path... so ridiculous. How generous of you to "give" Windows another 10 years. But your claim that people only care about legacy is ridiculous. Why can't people see it is the total package, not one little thing, that makes Windows what it is? You can dislike Windows, for whatever reason... that doesn't matter. But, too bad for you, Linux simply does not compare, and can not compete. They have made sure that they will not be competitive by handing out all the source code, letting the community control the development, and not focusing on software compatibility. The Linux community is like the HAM radio community or something... I mean, have fun with your hobby, but don't expect people to partake in something so esoteric and not enjoyable to use.
+Алф Мелмак If Linus really, really doesn't like something it really, really doesn't make it into the kernel. It doesn't happen often, but its happened often enough over the years that there's no doubt that Linus makes the final call.
+Josef Esparza Well then who cares? If you are going to use your PC like a phone, then who cares what works for you? I am talking about using software, you know, actually doing something besides reading emails and surfing the web. Yes, you have to protect your Windows PC from viruses. It's the biggest so it's the target. There are tons of options available, and it is very simple to do. It could not be any easier to not get a virus. You think that if an open source OS were the biggest most widespread OS, that it would be safer from viruses than Windows? Because the opposite of that is more than likely true.
Ryan, it will happen, despite what you think, the kids raised on tablets will look at laptops the way we look at IBM 386s. That's the future, get ready for it if you want to stay current.
Game stations replaced PC gaming for most kids, Blu ray is replacing DVDs, Pads will replace laptops for most users. All preloaded software, downloadable apps, no one will care what OS is running them. Linux has it's feet in the door 1st they will benefit the most.
YO! Dear folks, welcome to my circles where I don't allow people to swear at each or insult each other. I'll delete your messages if you do this, and, if you keep doing it, I'll just block you and you'll never see another of my posts again. OK? OK!
Nicely done Steven, it will be a pleasure to not have a string go out of control with personal insults.
+Dennis Mix I agree with you except for more serious gamers. I think it will be a very long time before we see actual gaming tablets that out-power the current gaming laptops of today. Give it around ten years though and those will probably be gone as well XD. I think really the only computer that won't get phased out by tablets will be desktops.
yes that's why I said 10 years, I have been gaming since the text based days. I gamed on 286s as well. It will take some time but we all remember when we had to load sound drivers separately, people today just want to game they do not want to have to set up anything, they want to use an old idea "Plug and Play".
And for the record, I have Windows PCs (I built) Linux Boxs, Macs and laptops. I like PCs and the ability to customize them but I'm a geek. I feel people like me will once again become the minority as most hardware is mainstreamed.
Being a recent escapee after 5 years of WoW I look forward to more ways to get pulled back By the way where is my next episode of Half Life? Whats the hold up?
Have operating systems been created only for gaming?! The answer is obviously no. Linux community is an example of unselfish creativity, of freedom loving and freedom giving.
Games have driven development though, better video, audio and faster chips. You owe gamers a lot more than you realize, their demands drove the machines and software forward.
I love the way the infographics were done in the video. I wonder if they used Linux, and if so, with what applications.
really good to know especially for me..
How completely ridiculous. Even when tablet devices are viable gaming platforms, they will not be desktop replacements. Touch input and small screensize are not benefits in that market. And if you don't play games, who cares what OS you use? It's not like any OS on the maket doesn't have a browser and spreadsheet software. Windows based PC's run anything, and are everywhere. Linux has been pushed on the public for years now, and it's just not a satisfactory replacement. We can have this argument again in ten years, just like we did ten years ago.
Yeah, Linux is awesome! Most people are skeptical at first because when they think linux they think they have to do everything from the command line. (Which really is handy to know and will help you in the long run.) But for most people. Linux is super easy. There are GUI's for most all essential programs these days. If you want an easy Linux OS to try out. Go with Linux Mint. Then install the Cinnamon desktop.
Ryan, you missed the point. You are no longer the market no more than I am, yes there will be PCs, I said laptops will go not PCs, the geeks will always be geeks and build their own machines but the developers will sell to the market and now its game platforms and tomorrow it will be Pad like mobile devices. Just like Android is eating Nokeas lunch so will the mobile devices replace most PC/laptop computer based gaming and with that most of Microsoft's market as well. Remember denial is not just a river...
How it's 'built,' my good sir.
I find Linux hard to use. I tried Umbuntu for a period, six weeks, and could not get much going. I have had windows 7 for about 2 years now and I am still learning how to use it, but I have been able to use it better than Umbuntu from day 1.
Tim Law
and then what...we will all still die
Tim, you know something the rest of us don't?
Run Adobe CS(x) and Quickbooks and maybe Linux will hit a lot more radar screens. It's just not for most people who have work to do.
wow! i never knew how that android phones and almost all big bis servers and applications run on Linux. It's pretty cool, Thanks for sharing.
+Derek Schwalenberg I recently discovered as an alternative. They are Ad supported so there are no subscription needed. The only downside is that they have less content available =\.

(Works with linux)
Despite what I said, I think Windows is better because it's easier to work with and more things are compatible with it. What I want, though, is for Linux to achieve that. I like open source, and I don't like Microsoft. But I have to like the best product.
And the comment about console gaming replacing PC gaming... no. That won't happen. I'm avidly a PC gamer because I like options and mods and better graphics. If the rumors of the next consoles are true, console gaming will die probably sooner than we think.
It is use linux everyday, even if your pc is loaded with windozzzz....most web page you view is hosted on linux, most mail goes through linux servers somewhere, most isp's use linux, a lot of routers are linux based, pos stations are mostly linux based...i can go on for years!

Well said Jason Werner. I totally agree with you
If I were not a user, I'll start using GNU/Linux after watching this video! ;) Good job. As long as there is collaborative, responsible and sensible work like this, I feel humanity can be saved :-)
Abin R
its soooo inspiring......
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