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It's time for +Jason Perlow 's look at this year's Tech Turkeys. Enjoy and pass me the mashed potatoes. 
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... why am I hoping Windows 8 and Surface top the list of Turkey's...
No Jason. You call a turkey when it is a turkey.  

Windows 8 is a horrible mess. Surface is way  overpriced. They get thrown into the Turkey pile now, not later. 
I disagree with your opinion on Windows 8. Sorry. 
SJVN and I agree on many things, but on Microsoft-related technologies, we differ.
FWIW, I think the Surface RT is clearly a turkey, but it's still early days and not many people have seen this yet. Windows 8, to me, is clearly a turkey on the desktop, but I'm willing to give it a "wait and see: on tablets and smartphones. 
I've called the Surface RT strictly a developer and early adopter device. I wouldn't classify it as a turkey, because this is clearly where the future of the Windows platform is headed. You can put Windows 8 and Surface RT in the same position that Windows NT 3.1 occupied 20 years ago.
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