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All those stories about Bing having security problems? There's nothing to them, it's just people over-reacting to a usually invisible error message that you can only get if you try forcing a secure connection on Bing. For, you see, Bing has never supported TLS, SSL, or HTTPS. Of course, that's a problem in itself, but there's nothing what-so-ever that's new about it. 
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Funny, when I take the Bing test I usually choose it most of the time. But when using it in real life I can't take the inflexibility and lack of features. It just shows, that Window's insecurity is a cultural setback at MS and is baked into Bing.
Wait, Bing doesn't support HTTPS? I.. had no idea. facepalm
I thought the complaint was that Bing doesn't support HTTPS.  Of course that isn't anything new, but I for one was definitely unaware of it (and pretty shocked, actually)
+Veer Bawa No, people thought that MSFT had let another SSL certificate expire when the truth was it never had had an SSL certificate in the first place. 
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