So, got a Nexus smartphone or tablet and want to see just what Ubuntu would be like on those platforms? Well, now you can. Let me just add that unless you're comfortable with rooting systems and you really know your Ubuntu and smartphone/tablet stuff, you should wait until the code's more mature. 
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have Nexus 4 but dont want to brick it.  wish i had a SPARE Nexus phone for ubuntu.  
+Kevin Gregg it won't brick, and you can restore a nandroid from recovery. Tested this with the first release
+Kevin Gregg If you're not comfortable with rooting, and you don't have a spare phone or tablet, don't do it. These are early developer releases and the one thing you can be sure of is that ah... interesting things will happen. More mature releases will be here soon enough.
+Neil Batchelor no that's just unlocking the boot loader you would need to also flash a custom recovery the same way. A img file look for it on CDs forms or cm10
There doesnt seem to be much difference between this and the developer preview I tried back in February. Slightly disappointing.  
Willing to try on my N7 with dual boot, but developer preview was terrible based on reviews
+Dee Lanier I don't think this works well with dual boot because of just how different it is from Android.  Welcome to try though.

Developer preview was crap, but I'm ready to try again.
Meant to say multiboot. Should work fine. It's just a partition
+Dee Lanier with the developer preview it was different enough that when Android was running if I tried to restore Ubuntu from a Nandroid it would bootloop
its good but still needs work.  The search button at the top left of the screen stopped working on my Nexus 10.  This may be user error here but I could not figure out how to exit a program.
So is this beta usable to the point where we can imput our own data or is it still like the Dev preview haven't seen a clear answer
I would say its still a dev preview early beta.  It's getting there fast but polishing is still needed.
What about Samsung S3? It's pretty wide-spread ... and of course: I coudl test then, too. ;-)
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