So where did Chrome OS really come from and what is it really made from today? Read on my friend and I'll tell you. 
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I think I do need to get some portage experience.
That would seem to be reading into this information AG but does seem a fairly safe assumption.
Succeed? Now there's a completely opinion based word if one ever existed.
+AG Restringere Just an FYI, you can distribute binary pacakages with portage just as you can compile source. Everyone alludes to the fact one will be compiling, but one could set up a host to serve prebuilt packages if one wanted...not that this is what most use it for, however.
What is likely to "succeeded"? ChromeOS? This statement is a bit ambitious, can someone elaborate?
You don't think that during a hardware revolution when M$'s offering is so questionable that there is a chance for a new product to take hold Seth?
The revolution is away from pc forms to tablet's Seth and Apple uses iOS for that not OS X. I don't see iOS being the answer nor standard linux distro's either. I know it would be against your wishes but there are many of us that think Google has a real good chance. I don't have a horse in the race so I look at it without prejudice.
+Jim Scholfield Whether tablets get as powerful as PCs will dictate whether they will consume the market there, and even then the more space and.power you have, the larger volume you have for using more powerful resources. I think to that end, PCs will have a place simply because of the time vs size of code vs complexity makes the desire for speed of operations want workstations/PC. I think casual PC use will and has declined for ease of use with tablets as users are no longer tied to their desks. Will workstations migrate to the same architecture as tablets? That will depend if x86_64 stops innovating and other architectures keep innovating. I think before having these sort of conversations we have to be clear at what it is we are attempting to state.
+Seth Sevenyoln I think ChromeOS has a chance much of the same way MacOS has a the hardware. If developers release operating system releases focused on the hardware to make sure everything "just works", one will start to see the OS hardware combination as a good experience, and thus begins brand loyalty. Add the competitive pricing and the development power behind Google, it starts increasing its appeal.
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