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Actually I have it on good authority that I'm really a team of writers being paid in cigarettes and chocolate bars based out of Bangalore, India. 
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I like the fact that Bob outsourced his own job. When he has a hard time getting a new job he certainly can't complain that they are all going overseas.
For a bizarre story out of UNC, Google "Paul Frampton."
I don't trust anything until the logic and facts both add up. And probably not even then.
Ah that's why I like to read your articles so much~
This is good. And BTW I would hire Bob in a heartbeat. 
I clicked on that article because of her picture. I'd like to be her friend and I believe she has 10 years of internet security experience.
This isn't quite the singularity we intended 8-)

Mmmm., I've never met you in person, Steven, so how do I really know.? :)
I could use some help... how many chocolate bars?
I'd have to investigate further, you know for science.
I'd have to give her the old squeeze test to make sure she isn't fake in whole or in part.
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