It's official. In the last few days both Fedora & openSUSE have decided to replace Oracle's MySQL with MariaDB as their default DBMSs. Linux, Apache, MariaDB, Perl/PHP/Python (LAMP) anyone? 
Both Fedora and openSUSE will be replacing Oracle's MySQL with its open-source fork--MariaDB.
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looks like a trend developing?
note to self: maybe time to do a book on Maria.
+Ralph Roberts I see this as the start of a major, far-reaching change. I mean, LAMP & WAMP developers have been using MySQL for well over a decade now. MariaDB is, as far as I've been able to tell on my small-time servers, a true drop-in replacement. but there's always some differences. So, yes, I can certainly see the need for a book on MariaDB. 
I've yet to use MariaDB... I'm just afraid it'll fork too far and become incompatible with MySQL which would not be good.  
I'd like to adopt MariaDB before +Sam Alexander's forking prediction comes to pass.  That being said, if I had the time to play with databases at the moment, I'd want to tinker with Mongo, and Riak.  I'm not a noSQL fanboy, but I would like to explore their potential, whereas SQL isn't as interesting, perhaps because I have real world uses for it.
I didn't read the article, but also chakra is switching to mariadb
I wish developers would come up with better names. No matter how good this db may be, many non-tech CEO's are not gonna want to run their infrastructure on something called MariaDB or Drizzle? wtf?
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