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NSFW. Brought to you by employees of the company that's going to start Black Friday sales mania on Thanksgiving evening at 8 PM. It's hard for me to say which I'm more appalled by: The work-force or management. 
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There's been talk of a Black Friday strike by WM employees. That would be funny!!! BTW, I live in Bentonville, AR. I think it would be funnier here than anywhere. :-D
I hope these guys get fired. It's dumb to post videos showing yourself Failing to do your job correctly.
When will the first fan boi try to say the iPad's are fine... they're Apple blessed and can get no harm.  :(
And how exactly do we know these boxes are actually iPads? They could be boxes of cotton balls or Q-Tips as far as we know.
+Kevin O'Brien Hence the Wal-Mart paradox: Any employee who isn't an advertisement for planned parenthood soon ends up working somewhere better. It's just hard to attract good help for eight bucks an hour. :-P
At least that stuff doesn't happen at the store I work in. Those people need to be fired though for damaging the merchandise like that.
+Ron Enderland I agree, you do get what you pay for. But that also applies to customers. We tend to love those low, low Walmart prices, don't we? <g>
That's a special kind of stupid: to damage your employer's merchandise then brag about it by posting video proving you did it.

I wonder what Apple thinks of this, and how much longer their products will be available from Walmart.
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