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I have to say this is the first version of openSUSE in quite a while that I'm excited about playing with. 
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Been using OpenSUSE and "just" SuSE before that since version 5 or so. It might not be perfect in every aspect and some things are downright annoying (like not being able to chance the login screen using the standard mechanism in KDE) but tools like Yast make up for that. Now if only KDE could get their act together and fix the bug where kmail gets stuck " retrieving folder content" (yes, bug report had been filed and had quite some input from many users, but seems to be ignored)
I've tried to like it a few times. I just don't like KDE. 
 I really like opensuse, but I do not use KDE version.   I will use xfce on it.  very good then.
I have one contract that uses OpenSuse that I manage. I check in every couple of versions but never stay because it always feels sooo sluggish and bulky. Maybe that's just Yast that's like that. 
hmmm... looks like I need to upgrade my one Suse server:

openSUSE 12.1 (i586)
VERSION = 12.1
CODENAME = Asparagus
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