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20-milllion new users? Sure. But, Mark Shuttleworth tells me he expects 20-million Ubuntu PCs to be sold in the next 12-months--and how Canonical will do it.
Ubuntu 12.04 will be arriving shortly and Canonical founder Mark Shuttleworth expects big things from it: 20-million new PCs sold with Ubuntu in the n
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12.04 is beautiful. I expect it will get some traction. Probably not 20 million units, though. BTW, reading comments to your posts on G+ is so much nicer than wading through the trolls on ZDNet.
I'm sorry, I just can't bring myself to recommend ubuntu to anyone seriously.

I have $20.00 (1 dollar for each claimed million) that buntu will never see that many pre-installed sales. Why buy a broken OS pre-installed when you can already buy one in Windows?
+Daniel Bo "BTW, reading comments to your posts on G+ is so much nicer than wading through the trolls on ZDNet.", you nailed it! :)
I left Ubuntu 2 years ago for Linux Mint and see no reason to go back. Ubuntu might have a good concept for tablets but not for doing serious work on a PC.
Pretty thin on details, but I hope they do it -- 20mil Linux preloads this year would be huge.
Thinking about it, that number could include Dells, etc. in Asian IT malls, which almost always seem to have Ubuntu installed on low- to mid-range laptops. I've never believed that most of those machines kept Ubuntu, but I'll wait and see.
Only way I see that coming close to that number is large government/business installations. Until consumers can go into Best Buy and see a laptop running Ubuntu, they're not going to buy it.

Oh, and I use Ubuntu and recommend it to everyone.
The 12.04 beta is almost ready for production, I must say. Been running it for over a month a now, and what few crashes there have been doesn't bring my system down. This release will probably go more smoothly than the ones since the last LTS version.
Ha. Fair enough. But I'm sticking by what I said. Civilians need to try before they buy.
I agree: Individuals, especially enthusiasts, need to bring a live CD with them into the stores and insist they have a chance to boot their OS of choice before making a purchase.
I (really!) wish GNU/Linux success. And this goes to Ubuntu as well. I use it (a derivate, in fact, but thanks Ubuntu and Debian!).
And remember, Mark, to be successful you guys have to solve some problems as mic working with Skype for good ;-)
GOOD QUESTION! But the problem is that the people I need to contact is registered only in the "blue" VoIP program. Let's move all to Ekiga ;-)
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